Do you consider Arknights a “waifu collector”?

Just to be transparent, this is more of a rant than a question(but I’d still like to know what other people think). Despite being an anime fan, I’ve never liked terms like waifu and husbando, so when it comes to anime mobile games, hearing “waifu collector” said so often is a bit…grating. I know that most of the characters in Arknights are girls, but there are enough guys that I think the being labeled as a “waifu collector” is inaccurate, but that could just be my personal dislike for the label. I just feel like the term waifu is cheap, especially nowadays, and having my most anticipated game be labeled as a “waifu game”, despite having a decent number of amazing male characters, is a bit irksome.

Honestly I dont feel like its inaccurate although it doesnt take away from the game at all. These are the same people who made gfl after all

No, the rate for 6 and 5 stars is kinda low (6* is 2%) and the way to gather resources for summoning is pretty limited.

Maybe the term you’re looking for is “characters collector”?

To be fair, it doesn’t help when you have advertisements like this…

And also, to be fair, a lot of the in game character designs were made with the intention of drawing in people (going from more of their advertisements).

Do I agree that the game is merely a waifu collector? Not really. I’m not one that’s into the whole waifu/husbando thing, and I love this game. Most of the character designs are extremely well done while also keeping a lot of them fresh and typically unexpected when it comes to female anime characters. However, it’s not hard to see why people call it a waifu collector.

If that ad is a normal YouTube video it will get demonetized

I don’t think that it is, but YouTube is definitely where I see this ad the most (then again it’s basically the only place I’ve seen Arknights ads).