Do you guys get attached to your fodder units?

Hello guys! Well, question is in the title. I have some units with really good fodder, but ever since I started HM farm them, I grew attached to their characters and playstyle (for some of them at least). To the point I’m hesitant about killing them. And with limited battles, it is a good idea to hold onto good units from different titles. But, it’s not like I need these units honestly, because I won’t be missing a few toilet papers from limited battle, and I can clear the rest of the game’s content without these units. But idk, I’m always hesitant when it comes to premium fodder. What do you guys think? Am I weirdly emotional about this? Is foddering always worth it in the end? When should you keep a fodder unit if it’s not?


Happened once with me… Back when I pulled S! Lilina to give Broadleaf to W! Cecilia.

I thought she was cute when I got her to level 40 for her confession and Flowers, so I decided I’d keep her while her bonus season was up. Got to T20 AR that week. Ended up putting her on my Defense at the time and keeping her for another month before finally pulling the trigger.

It was a great investment that carried me a long way but part of me misses her still… Ever since then I just use the Crystals to immediately bump fodder units to 40 so I don’t have to worry about that happening again :fgo_gudako:


I still haven’t taken out that formation cause of her


With the exception of 3 units in the time I’ve played all of FEH(Those three had very important uses as fodder and it pained me to have to get rid of them, the second and third the most) I have always kept at least one of each unit I get.

So is it weird to be caught up in not wanting to fodder a unit? Maybe? But I certainly won’t judge you for it.

Is foddering always worth it? Depends on the unit. How often are you going to use said unit with that specific fodder? Are they a prime unit in any gamemode? Is it a favorite that you just like to have for the sake of having? It’s a little difficult to answer as it depends on your playstyle and preference.

I personally try and keep as much fodder as possible for the absolute right time. Like Vengeful Fighter I’m fairly certain I have around 13 units with it specifically as fodder. Am I ever going to use it? More than likely not. Even Bold Fighter(Which I have about half of VF) I would consider much better and I still haven’t used any of my fodder in ages. Just gotta wait for the perfect unit to use it on.


Yeah, it’s better to end them quickly before getting too attached lol! But in that case you’re missing out on 6000 feathers D:
And well I’m glad to see I’m not alone in this :smiley:


Osian, he is +atk -def i want to give his stance to Eyvel but im hoping to get another copy or another character with the skill, osian is good.

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I’m a hoarder so everyone :fgo_lipburrito:


I wanted to sack Lilith at one point but her teleporting is fun to use and she hits like a truck. She’s also super helpful in RB so I decided to keep her. I don’t have many other good Fates units lol


Oh which units did you have to kill for fodder?
Well I have a ton of fodder units just waiting to be used on the perfect unit (a lot of lulls mainly like Perceval, or Sirius) so for now they’re just sitting in my barracks.
Other units like L! Corrin, Larcei or Lilith needs to be fed to my arena core units once they’re merged. So while they are strong or cute, they’ll greatly improve these units, and I probably need to pull the trigger.
I’m also indecive when my favs comes with good fodder, to know if I should merge them or kill them (OG Dimitri, OG Claude hello !)
And finally there is units like Shannan, who could improve some of my fav out of meta units .
So uh. It’s Hard D:


My clearest examples would be those people.


Mareeta (specially) and Sigrun are most notable cases.
I already liked all the characters listed above from their original games, I feel like foddering Mareeta but, at the same time, I’m kind of hesitant, I have two of her lying around: a -att/+def copy I used for the most part and the one shown above.
Sigrun… well, at some point, I thought I could fodder her for [Def/Res Link 3] to Idoun, but for once I’m glad I was lazy with that as I never got around the foddering and eventually, Ena came instead with that skill and a {Breath} to collect too.
Sm!Lilina… I have the feeling that @Intelligent_Systems might make a regular pool version of [Broadleaf Fan+] like how [Dragonslasher+] became a thing, I can understand it might be an unfounded fear but Lilina was always among my most liked characters of FE6 and despite the artwork I still think it’s a nice alt.
And last but not least… Minerva, I was never too interested on her, I tend to care less about pre-promoted characters, but I read a little her article at FE FANDOM, her quotes and was satisfied enough. I was thinking of foddering her for [Flier Formation 3] which I could’ve found useful, but it wasn’t an urgent skill back when I took on her, now I need it on L!Azura but I don’t really regret this choice, Minerva does great (her young version).

Idr if there were others but even if not, it’s fine, I feel like those are most accurate examples here, I’ll probably end up foddering the Mareeta copy/copies later, but rn I don’t feel too sure about that.



Exterminate them with extreme prejudice


I feel like missing out on the Feathers is better than potentially missing out on the fodder I pulled the unit for in the first place.

I don’t want this to be me more than it has to be:



Lmao it do be like that!


B!Celica for DB 4 when she first came out as that was the only inheritable 300 SP skill that wasn’t DC. On a unit like M!Grima who has DC built into his weapon I wasn’t about to waste valuable DC fodder just to boost his score and have 0 performance change(Technically worse as he wouldn’t have an A skill doing anything). I immediately got her to level 40 and that was goodbye.

S!Gunnthra for her Rally skill and weirdly enough her AR-O skill made a grand difference on Eir for AR. Was really upset at first but in MS it boosted her score by quite a bit and that was the final push that lead to Gunn being foddered.

Petra for Ground Orders. Right when Mila was first announced I wasn’t having any of that Isolation BS, so I gave GO to Yune and Lysithea nukes just about everyone these days thanks to it.

I haven’t gotten myself Gunn or Petra back yet, but I actually managed to free summon Celica just now so that’s at least one unit back into my barracks. I would like to get the other two back but really it’d just be for being a collector and their HM. Already got the DF and I don’t plan on using either in the near future.


Oh I see! It’s hard to let units go but sometime it’s just for the best.


I got pity broken by a Nailah a while back, and I thought “Oh this is perfect for B!Ike” I farmed her HM and did her ordeal but I still haven’t done it yet, I just can’t for some reason. This is the same thing for every pitty-breaker 5 star I just can’t fodder them.


Do you get attached to a shit you take?

Same thing. It’s fodder/shit for a reason.

me with groom pent and midori, pent was my first ever 5 star and midori was fun and I liked her character, both died for my favs though.


I’m a collector at heart. :feh_birbpeek:
So most of the time, it’s unit>fodder for me, even if I almost never use that unit anyway.
If I fodder a 5* it’s because I have a duplicate copy of them.
Although recently I’ve been considering foddering some single copies, even if it hurts (RIP Sue, you will be missed) :catcry:
At least the unit will be forever remembered in the Hero Catalogue.


99% of the time I wait for a second unit. Notable exceptions were:

Beach Xander was my first one. I don’t need shirtless dudes with stupid weapons like the Lilith floatie, I thought was the stupidest thing ever at the time. Nowi was happy for his IP.

Pent for pulse (who I got a second one of anyway and won’t hesitate to get rid of again when I get the right unit)

Quan for rally+ (bummer but wasn’t too attached)

Ranulf for rally+ (why did they make him so weak sauce?)

I think that’s it, and fortunately I didn’t regret any of them.

Oh wait, like WAY back in year one, my 4* Reinhardt I gave Hector Vantage, and I heavily regretted that, that was before anyone knew how good he was. I hated myself for a few months until I got another Rein, and now my barracks overflow with the Thunder King!

That was my only fodder regret, funny enough.