Do you guys think there wiill be a Timburr Community day?

And what moves would Conkeldurr get?
Which I’m debating to evolve NOW or save for LATER.

Depends on your local gym meta. Mine is very competitive, so if I had a 96+% Timburr, I would max it out as soon as possible, even spending Rare Candy if I had to.

They could reduce trading costs for that CDay. Not entirely impossible.

Trading Timburr only costs 100 stardust if already in the Pokedex, 800 stardust if new to the pokedex. I do not see that there could be a great reduction to the stardust cost. Even if you do like 100 trades that day it would only cost 10 000 stardust (or 10 700 if one new entry :wink:). So getting one lucky out of those trades would be a far greater saving on the stardust then the potential trade cost reduction…

Seeing that Timburr is currently locked in raids and eggs, I’d say that even if there would be a Timburr CD, it won’t be any time soon.

As for what CD move Conkeldurr will get, since it already has its best Fighting moveset for PVE available in PoGo, Niantic will need to introduce a new move to improve it even more as a Fighting type pokemon, which is difficult to predict.

Personally, I wouldn’t rush to evolve Timburr even with trade evolution mechanic, as it only slightly improves upon Machamp in PVE meta. It will need to reach around lvl 34 to surpasse a maxed Machamp’s DPS, unlike Lucario which can already do it at around lvl 27. If you have enough Timburr candies to evolve one and level it up to around lvl 30, I’d say why not, since it’ll be useful immediately. But if it sits at lvl20~25, it will be just like a new dex filler and won’t be as useful as a wild caught/traded weather boosted Machamp.


It will probably get a Special Event of some kind, but my guess is that it will be a Raid Day instead of a Community Day. It might also come with special Research Tasks, like “Win 3 Raids” and catch another Timburr or the like.

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That would be fun but I doubt they would do a raid day and feature anything other than teir 5s

We’ve already had Lapras and Gengar Raid days, neither of which have ever been Tier 5 raids.

True there have been a couple teir 4 raids in the mix, but as much as I’d like to see teir 1 timburr as far as the eye can see I dont think niantic would do that. Maybe do gurrder as a teir 4

Depends; how many hardcore players would try to get 50+ raids done in 3 hours? Figure 3 min per raid (2min lobby, 30 seconds win, 30 seconds catch), and no need to wait for a raid party to finish catching? Factor in a 1min walk to the next gym (which can be done when catching the Pokemon), and some gym-heavy environments, hitting 50 raids in 3 hours could be doable.

Speaking for myself - not a hardcore player by any stretch - I’d be very interested in seeing if I could get 40 raids done in the 3 hours. Which would likely cost me $15 to top up the number of passes I have. The trick, as I see it, is marketing this as anything but a naked cash grab.

I agree with the consensus that when is ‘not soon’.

But the move, that’s the interesting question. (Of course, this assumes there will be a CD. If not, this is all idle speculation, but then again, isn’t all the most interesting stuff here, …)

As was said above, Conkeldurr (Conk) already has Counter/Dynamic Punch, which is great in PvE. The only way that could get better is if it gets Counter/Aura Sphere, but that’s Lucario’s thing.

Or, they could give it moves to make it better in PvP. One choice would be to give it Power Up Punch, but again, that’s kind of Lucario’s thing. Close Combat is interesting in PvP, great DPS and fairly low energy cost, but reduces the attacker’s defense 2 stages. Likewise Superpower also has great DPS and low energy cost, but reduces the attacker’s attack and defense 1 stage each. Either could be a good option, making Conk a PvP hit and run specialist.

Or, what would be really interesting, is if it could get something new that raises defense and lowers attack, and then combine that with PuP to allow a lot of games with the stats. Of course, that’s really complicated, so it won’t happen.

For now, we need to get used to Conk with what he has, Counter with Dynamic Punch, Focus Blast, or Stone Edge. Clearly the 2 bar move is best in PvE. I can’t see much use for Poison Jab, except maybe annoying Psychic counters a tiny amount.

That’s like strapping a stick of dynamite to a nuke.

I don’t think there will be a Timburr Community day, and if there is I can’t see it being until the end of the year or next year.

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Timburr community day is something that I could see happening, though it wouldn’t be for awhile. As for what move they could give it, perhaps Hammer Arm? It would need to be quite powerful to outperform Dynamic Punch, though.

Honestly, if you get a good Timburr (emphasizing one from a trade so you can omit the 200 candy cost to evolve from Gurdurr to Conkeldurr), I don’t think there’s anything wrong with evolving it now. It has the absolute best Fighting set it could currently ask for and uses it with great efficiency.

There probably will be a CD I doubt it will be this year tho timburr is new they will give pokemon like ryhorn a CD 1st which I’m looking forward to

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If you are going to use it then evolve it !!! That´s always good advice.

My problem is I don´t have much use for a Conkedurr right now… nothing besides gyms anyway.

I honestly don‘t see Timburr becoming a CD Mon. If they had planned one, then why make it only obtainable in Raids and eggs? Sure, some other non-wild species like Alolan Vulpix have been featured in the wild and through other means (like Vulpix through Research atm), but I kinda don‘t see that happening with Timburr.

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I agree. I just don’t see it happening. It’s a mono-type 'mon that already has its best moveset, bar them releasing some new broken move (a la Aura Sphere). I just don’t see Niantic dethroning Lucario in DPS; doesn’t make sense. Plus, Timburr sells raid passes and incubators. :money_mouth_face: