Do you guys troll DW's farm or challenge quests?

During events, DW likes to play around with us by giving extremely hard fights in order to get good rewards (usually Crystalized Lores) and sometimes makes the farming quests brutal as well, so I was wondering if anyone out there decided to mess around just for fun. As usual, I’ll start out first, and the most recent way for me was during this Valentine Event, specifically with the farming quest including Chacha as a boss.

Both her and that sprite were extremely annoying to me with my budget teams, so once I got close to getting everything for the event I just thought ‘I’m gonna get evil on this girl.’ Looked around on my Friends list and found one who had a Merlin at 10/10/10. Awesome. Select him and put in my own Merlin at 10/10/10. Finally, I put in my Arash at the front of the line. For most of you, you probably know where this is going, but let me finish.

Battle starts, throughout the first two waves I focus on charging up Arash’s NP gauge and keeping him alive by spamming Dreamlike Charisma and Illusion respectively, as well as both Merlin’s NPs (though I’m careful to make sure all their skills are cooled down and that their NPs are max by the final wave). Eventually I make it to Chacha (her smug ass looking at my group) and she thinks she has this in the bag…unfortunately for her, my setup said otherwise.

Both of the Merlins were at 100% NP. As for Arash? Two Dreamlike Charismas, two Hero Makers, and a Buster Buff from my Mystic Code, all the while his NP is maxed at 300%. NP-NP-NP, endgame. So…how about you guys?


I use command seals to 3 turn most challenge quests cause I just dont care for most of the gimmicks at this point.


The best i have for this was in de CQ of setsubon, Tomoe after breaking the second break bar She give herself a 5 time evade,i use my Enkidu presence detection A++ and the evades are gone,and she eat a full enuma elish on her face,She die.

I in all the CQ if i die just command seals and instant win


Last Halloween I decided f it brought a Sherlock Merlin and tammy lancer and just used CS to np 3 turns in a row so I could go back to farming

Like others have said, CQs are what command seals are for. Though, I didn’t need them for this one, because Musashi is OP.

I usually don’t bother repeating them, as it seems like most CQs have an objectively correct answer, usually involving a team comp that hard counters the CQs gimmicks. Or just solo it with your OP solo servant of choice.

If I am farming something a lot, like a lotto node, I will occasionally use the opportunity to practice with various experimental team comps, especially if I am just using natural AP, and am therefore not under any time constraint. But I can’t think of any times I have built a team just to bully a node boss. I guess I feel like most 3t comps are devastating enough, as-is.


Kintoki CQ-Setsubun.

I ran this team comp.

Needless to say it was a 3T.


I mean I don’t need the cs for cq 9 times outa ten I just do it for boredoms sake

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Hihihhi x3 NP5 and 15 kaleidoscopes. kill me already. Even when I want to whale I end up spending ~$800 and get nothing and get discouraged from spending more. 51 summons and didn’t even get a single copy of Musashi, who I was rolling for.

How do you do it?

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I can answer for that:

It takes a lot more than $800. Unfortunately, I know :stuck_out_tongue:


Bro how does it even work? If it’s 14.4 summons on average then that should have been 3. I would invest but I need to know what the return is going to be. If someone is rigging it in the background then I don’t see the use in it. How much do you need to spend?

I mean some it takes a lot and some you just get lucky for more often then not your spending a ■■■■ ton for np5


It was me after the first banner of jalter. 1700 quartz and she didn’t come. I was not spooked by a 5*.

I stopped playing for 1 month after that. I did not play during fate zero and Da vinci event.


I just want to give you a hug and wallow in our misery together. All I wanted was a single copy. I feel your pain bro.

You know, it’s like cards. If you play black jack and do card counting you know that in the long term the math will give the results. If it’s 14.4 for 1 SSR then over a long period of time you should see that you’re not losing money. If you’re still losing money, in the sense that you’re summoning more than 14.4 for 1 then it’s rigged.

A bad example would be 500 summons for 10 = 50 summons for 1 SSR

A good example would be 500 summons for 33 = 15.15 for 1 SSR

My question to you is, do you think it’s rigged? My experience doesn’t make sense so I need confirmation.


It’s a chance-based system with no guarantee of a 5 star result except in the event that you have already whaled your ass off to the point of getting a bunch of extra copies of the same 5* Servants.

I’ve gotten multiple 5* Servants in the same roll before. I’ve also spent hundreds of SQ with not so much as a single 4* and no useful CEs. It happens.

Edit: remember not to succumb to the gambler’s fallacy, because each event is statistically independent. The estimated success rate for bulk rolls is no sort of guarantee.


I honestly wouldn’t say it’s rigged cause other then the obvious legal issues, I think the best anyone can say is inconsistent. My worst streak with no ssr was around 800 during my king hassan rolls while other times I can get 7 ssr in 450sq. Rng does whatever it wants really

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Card counters say that you should think in terms of expected value. So even though will suffer long streaks of no summon you will also encounter very lucky streaks. The point is that it has to balance out in the end, over a sufficiently long period, to demonstrate the 0.7% chance they’re giving out. According to a simple math formula it should be 14.4 summons for 1 SSR over a sufficiently long period of time. I’m just not convinced that it’s valid because I’ve seen some online magic in casinos that just doesn’t happen in the real world. I can’t explain it but it seems like the system is up to something, that’s why I’m inquiring into the experience of others. If others concur that EV has worked out for them then I have no problem with 0.7%.

well I can’t really say cause probability is just that probability. No matter what there are outliers of people who are really lucky, really unlucky, or what some would consider average. And really most whales don’t remember how much they rolled their entire fgo career so properly seeing this .7 rate is not very likely imo

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The point is that outliers should be eliminated over a sufficiently long period of time (or enough $ invested). For example, you don’t see card counters who tell you that the math doesn’t work. They just play more knowing it will pan out in the end.

On the topic of 5*s and throwing broken things at CQs, I made my own lvl 100 non-canonical saint magician and have him toting a big old BG to complement his NP5.

Everything aside from Avengers, Berserkers, and Kiara has offensive disadvantage, and only Avengers resist him. Makes for an excellent all-purpose point Servant for blind, mixed, and/or AoE situations.