Do you have any favorite "Revenge" wins

So I’m defining a revenge win as a pokemon that beats a pokemon that “Always” walls/beats it.

Sure this only happens when you have a huge edge in energy/life/shields because 9/10 times that kills you but that time 10… oh thats sweet revenge.

Today’s post prompted by my Alteria beating a Bastiodon today.

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Medicham using Ice Punch against Altaria after taking a shield with PuP, and getting the attack boost.

I can almost hear the swear words as it hits.

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A Togekiss at half health swapping in when shields are gone to Charm down my spice-pick Darkrai in ML and close out the game, only to get one-shotted by a surprise Shadow Ball to the face.

Oh yes. Altaria wins azu and altaria win vs gunfisk also great! GirA vs Togekiss in UL. Groudon beating Kyogre in ML with EQ.

Previous to the Brave Bird update, landing a Flash Cannon from Skarm on a Basti with at least one of their shields still in play was super satisfying and would typically flip the match for me. Now that BB’s so popular, I haven’t had a Basti shield one since, but I also make sure to throw out a Sky Attack first after overcharging slightly just to make sure they won’t.

Honestly I just love taking out that wall-faced rock, has to be one of the most satisfying mon’s to beat especially considering how its usually played.

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My secret weapon a couple seasons ago in GL was Minun. I had multiple times where i basically one-shot mudbois like Swampy and Whiscash with a Grass Knot they either didn’t expect or didn’t know Minun had. So satisfying, caused a few insta-quits


Altaria taking an Ice Beam to the face from Ludiculo. :laughing: Only happened a few times but Perrserker OHKO on Scrafty using Play Rough.

Honorable mention: one-shotting Swampert with an Energy Ball from Mew.

Not me but my opponents that is

Ouch… looks like they’ve been running that team for a good bit, they played it quite comfortably. I’ve yet to see Rozerade used that well

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Also keep in mind I’m literally breaking down IRL in those 4 matches.

I couldn’t really control ACTUAL anger after that whole streak. It’s a 0-5 BTW

(And you wonder why I don’t touch GBL a lot)

Is there any reason other than saving TMs you are using Energy Ball on Mew vs Grass Knot?

Saving TMs plus Energy Ball has the def debuff chance so its really not that much worse. :man_shrugging:

The only thing that makes remix GBL fun right now is to Focus Blast a Bastiodon with a shadow Hypno.

Throwing trash cans at Charmers


Landed all Focust Blasts today on Bastiodons and Probopass, but all Wigglytuffs and Obastagoon shielded.

Hm. I think it is much worse. Given the relatively low chance of the buff, relatively low/medium mew bulk and relatively long charging time, it is one of the worst mew moves. I mean how often you really throw it in a game? Twice? So 20percent debuff chance in the whole matchup? But just for trying out due to low TM number ok I guess. And if you wanted a grass move it still serves… ok I guess

@Sir_Gwibbles - throwing doom desire on near full health alolan Ninetales! Wow! Even not that bad vs bastiodon (still loses due to flamethrower of course)

This is not quite as extreme but A9T Vs Gunfisk lead - I always switch to Politoed, try to catch the rock slide. Some grass or flier comes in, I bluff a Blizzard, fire off WBs and aim for a farm down, at which point A9T can comfortably beat Gunfisk with plenty of energy or shield advantage. Done it so many times it’s just second nature now. It’s only tricky if the Gunfisk doesn’t through anything at Poli.

I did once take out a shadow Vic with Quagsire as the opp ended up bringing it out with shields gone (presumably realised I was running double water so didn’t take the bait) with Quagsire getting just enough energy to fire a SE before the final RL that would have KOed registered. That was scary but immensely satisfying

Last season i ran typhlosion in open UL alot, wait for the sac swap to swampert to catch my blast burn and throw a solar beam instead:) usually they quit the match when my fire type one shots their mudboi lol


All those Focus Blast my Hypno landed on opposing Umbreon and Steelix back in Pre Season and Season 1-2

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Shadow Bellossom using Dazzling Gleam catching an Altaria was fun.

I seem to be finding new ways to upset Altaria users lately.