Do you have any newer gacha games you would recommend?

Long story short, I effed up the data transfer when setting up my new phone and lost my old, end-game accounts for Epic 7, Dragalia, and Arknights. No problem with FGO, as I used a transfer code, and I’m not that annoyed considering I haven’t played some of those games close to a year now, but it made me wonder: since now I have a new phone with a bunch of empty space on it, is there any new gacha games that would be worth trying?

Disclaimer: I play FGO and Genshin, and between my day job and my webnovel, I would prefer something that’s either low-maintenance, or something with an autoplay or AFK option. As for the gameplay and/or style… surprise me!

You can also feel free to discuss what other gacha games you play besides FGO here, I won’t mind.


I “play” feh, but I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you like fire Emblem a lot


Well in that case i’ll try to recommend Punishing Gray Raven, the global servers are fairly new so a good time to try it if you like action-rpgs with fast paced combat, basically if you liked Nier Automata you’ll love it.

There was a bit of drama regarding the monetization but i didn’t pay too much attention to it since i’m fully F2P and i will always stay that way, the localization team is at FGO levels during the first year so yeah… pretty bad.

It’s not entirely low-maintenance since there’s obviously no auto-combat but you have 1 month to clear events so you can do stuff at your own pace.


i tried many gachas and most of them feels like copies of each other. Ak, fgo and feh is the most unique ones. Do you have any kind of gameplay you prefer?


Granblue is fun to play casually and is ultra-generous with free rolls and other content. Lots of great art and voiced story.

KonoSuba so far has been an amusing game that’s convenient to keep up with and seems to give good freebies. I’m not really committed to the story at this point, but it’s cute and features Mash’s VA.


Feh is the only gacha I play besides FGO so there’s that. A brief comparison of the two:

  • Feh has barely any grind to it compared to FGO. It doesn’t take long to get a unit to max level, and levels are gained in traditional RPG fashion, no resources required.
  • The gacha in Feh is fairly generous compared to FGO, higher rates, a pity system that increases the rate every so many pulls without a 5 star unit, and a spark system on some banners that guarantees one focus unit of your choice (this is not on all banners however). There is also no secondary gacha like the FP summons in FGO, just the standard gacha. There are other currencies used to get certain units however, but luckily no RNG there.
  • Power creep is honestly not great in Feh. While there are plenty of f2p and f2p-friendly units, the quality of said units compared to 5 star exclusives is incredibly noticeable. Plenty of base 5 stars can preform similarly to highly invested lower rarity units, especially the older ones. Units aren’t really updated over time besides a one time weapon refine, so many older units are left to rot. Skill inheritance does help to an extent as any unit can be given nearly any skill (with some restrictions). However many 5 stars come with loaded kits out of the box these days while lower rarity units often have very mediocre skills, as well as generic weapons instead of better unique weapons like many 5 stars. Many skills and weapons are also only found on limited time units like seasonals.
  • There are pseudo PvP modes in Feh, and to many they are the most important modes. Some of the most important resources are only gotten from these modes. The main two are Arena where you face the teams of other players, and Aether Raids which is similar but with bigger teams and players also design their defense maps. PvP has also made power creep in Feh much worse, as these modes are where you will see the most “cancerous” units the most. There are guides out there if you were interested in these modes though.

That’s about all I can think of for now, maybe I’ll add more later if I think of anything else important.

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You can get your AK account back if you email support your account details.

As for game recs, I’ve been playing Alchemy Stars super casually on the side, it’s like a mix of AK and Candy Crush lol.
Constant events, generous rewards, easy to learn gameplay.
Published by Tencent, really feels like they’re trying to take away from the AK crowd, the game heavily borrows from it. Main difference is that it has a ‘claim all’ button lol.

Gacha rates pretty similar to AK as well, except you hit pity faster in AS.

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Other than FGO, I’m currently playing (all of these games have auto, otherwise I couldn’t really find the time):

  • AFK Arena - pretty fun idle game though it’s getting less and less “AFK” as time goes on with the devs constantly adding new game modes and features. Still, if you want to progress while literally AFK, I’d say this is your best bet. Style is more similar to Western cartoons rather than anime, looks really good IMO.
  • Epic Seven - objectively the best gacha I’ve played by far, looks great, lots of high-quality content and stuff to do, fairly F2P-friendly. Pretty time-intensive, really wants to be your main game.
  • KonoSuba - very chill game, global release was about a month ago so you won’t be too far “behind” if you start now. Easy on the time requirement, perfect for a side game. Especially cool if you like the LN/anime franchise.
  • Princess Connect - very similar to KonoSuba (even the UI is similar), also in the sense that it doesn’t take up a lot of time. Extremely F2P friendly. Super cute anime waifus.

All of these games (other than FGO, obviously) support binding your account to Google/Facebook/whatever so I guess the most important lesson in this thread is: bind your accounts, people! You don’t wanna lose your shit when your phone breaks. :fgo_deadinside:


FGO and FEH are the only gacha games I play actively right now, but I’ve tried a few others.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Genre: Turn-based strategy

  • Not very time-demanding. Only a few game modes require any real grinding.
  • Much higher rates. On average, you can pull four or five 5*s per month on a f2p budget.
  • Transparent game mechanics. Units’ stats and skills are visible and fully described, with numerical values for all effects. You can manually calculate the result of any combat.
  • Within individual battles, there is no RNG, so no losing because the AI got a lucky crit on an important unit.
  • Has an active forum on this site.
  • Power creep is out of control, and has been for a while. Older units can still be viable, but they require a ton of investment and support to even catch up to newer units. There’s no indication that this will be changing anytime soon.
  • The story sucks.
Girls Frontline

Genre: Turn-based strategy, with real-time combat

  • Low rarity units are actually pretty competitive with high rarity ones.
    +/- Modern military setting, instead of medieval fantasy.
    +/- Heavy fanservice and no male characters.
  • Takes up a TON of space.
Touhou Lost Word

Genre: JRPG

  • Touhou fandom
  • NA server launched one year after JP server, so westerners get clairvoyance. NA is progressing at an accelerated pace, though, so this won’t last forever.
    +/- Story is lighthearted and not very serious.
  • Gameplay gets bland pretty quickly.

The latter two might be dated, since I haven’t played the games in a while.


I’ve been playing Dragon Ball Z dokkan battle for years and it’s still fresh for me. The gameplay is simple enough and teambuilding is nice. The rates are also generous, especially if you’re new and don’t have to worry about dupes.

The only problem is that it’s not fun if you’re not a big dragon ball fan, and the story is just random characters thrown in all over the place.

Girl’s frontline is nice too, the story is good and it’s surprisingly less fanservicey than it looks. My only problem with that game though is that it’s really grindy, and characters take damage that needs to be healed in a repair bay after the battle

Alchemy Stars. It has a pretty different gameplay. It does have auto, and the grinding isn’t bad, as it has guaranteed drops and bonus drops.

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I could be Mistaken but I’m fairly sure that I heard somewhere that PGR does eventually get an auto-clear system you can use after completing a stage for the first time which will make farming less tedious. I’m not sure when it gets implemented though.

But otherwise yeah I’d also recommend PGR, the Gacha for max rarity S-rank characters has a hard pity at 60pulls (just make sure you’re pulling on the right banner) meaning if you save you can guarantee an upcoming character you want and the global version being 2 years behind like FGO makes it easy to plan out. Also lower A-rank characters you can get gauranteed in just 10-pulls upon release. So yeah it’s fairly F2p friendly if you plan ahead.

It also has a weapon Gacha but again just 30pulls can guarantee you the max rarity weapon you’re chasing. Unlike say Genshin where it’s harder to get the 5* weapon than it is character.

And from the little research I did before playing apparently powercreep isn’t that much of an issue, some characters are obviously better than others but generally every character has their uses.

So yeah so far I’d say it’s at least worth a look.


twisted wonderland
tears of thermis
toku ranbu

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It completely depends on which IP’s you’re into; for instance Slime, Nier, and Disgaea are all perfect for me since I’m into all of them and they’re all fairly unique from one another.

The only issue is that I’ve already made the executive decision to stick to 1 gacha game and FGO happened to be my first (and likely only) so that’s that.

I play Princess Connect, which is fun and doesn’t take a lot of time. Very well presented and there’s even anime sequences when reading the story. Because the game has it’s own in-house studio producing anime for the game, it led to having it’s own anime series (with season 2 on the way).

The downside is that some of the characters are very tropey but there are some fantastic ones like Karyl

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Well that’s good to know, i’ve never been a fan of auto-clear systems since it makes the game less interesting in my opinion but if it’s something they add after then it should be fine. I’ll probably use it to farm resources at least.

I had to drop games like Konosuba and Princess Connect because they were designed around that.

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Yeah I looked into it a bit more and I think the auto clear is only for the normal daily resource stages and not events. So handy for building up materials for levelling characters and whatnot, but you’ll still have to manually grind limited event stages.

Which I think is alright as they seem to give you like a full month to grind events and get the major rewards anyway.

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I can second this.
I have been playing Alchemy Stars for a bit and there is no problem with playing it on low maintenance. The dailies are really simple to do. There is no auto-clear as such, but auto-run once you cleared the stage once, so you can set your phone to the side and let it do its thing.

Touhou lost word

Story: the MC is an amnesiac girl who’s tossed into gensokyo and no clue what’s going on, ends up having multi verse adventures to solve incidents that happen when individual universes forget that SOMETHING or someone exists. and everything goes to hell, so it’s a bit like “The sliders” in that regard, but with a hint of “Seven days”

*Cute fun relaxes story so far with no life or death stakes, just a casual adventure story
*The MC crushing on Sakuya is cute
*Multiverse shit is good way to integrate 20+ years of conflicting fannon lore
*Good music, since each character has their own theme song made by fan doujin circles

*Very easy to stock up on free SQ equivalent to roll on banners
*Fairly light weight at 1.5 gigabites
*Auto battle mode
*the game has a pity system, 150 failed rolls means you can pic the character you want and you can also earn in game items that more or less add NP levels just as well as rolling another copy

*The MC has a crush on Sakuya, but Meiling is my waifu
*The more you know about touhou the more you’ll get outta it, so if you ain’t DEEP into it you might not enjoy it
*Quality of life features are locked behind paid SQ equivalent, though they can be farmed, but at a rate of 2-3 every few hours if you’re lucky
*The auto battle mode will struggle in lunatic levels, but for general event farming it works fine
*The in game ads and banners. Not that annoying, but sometimes you’ll be going to party select and “YUYUKO BANNER OUT NOW” will randomly pop up ONCE at some point when a new banner hits


Context on paid SQ equivalent:

it’s better to just save it up for outfits that grant event bonuses, and use free roll currency on banners unless you plan to dolphin or whale on banners that have guaranteed characters since using paid SQ equivalent means you’ll get a guaranteed character