Do you have any servants that have grown on you? If so, who and how?

So, I’ve made it through FGO on the NA server and I’ve beaten all stories/quests so far, except for Shimousa. I’ve heard that one is a bit of a doozy, so I’ve been beefing up more of my servants until I feel ready to tackle it (maybe have at least one servant from each category be at least 8/8/8 or 9/9/9 before then). From some of the stories, I’ve had units grow on me, but there’s two in particular:


I really didn’t like fighting her because of the gimmick where you can only hit her with servants that are “Neutral/Balanced” or “Evil,” but she grew on me because of Quetzmas.

Quetzmas was such a fun event, where she gets to experience snow, which is probably a 1 in a million chance, because (at sea level) you hardly ever see snow in Latin America. Plus, I just loved her gung ho attitude and her team up/friendship with Bradamantine (who I also have)


My opinions on him have changed from way back when. To not go into too many details, I got way too angry and all it really did was make a fool and a bitch of myself. I apologize for any outbursts and tyraids that I’ve caused because of a certain singularity (to be fair though, I dislike Okeanos and Agartha more, but those are two cans of worms for another time). I took a long break from this site, to work on my anger and anxiety issues and so far, I’ve seen a lot of improvements. I know fixing my behavior won’t mend some friendships that have long ended ago, but I’m doing this for myself. Sooooooooooooooooo… now what?

(Weeb mode, activate):
God he’s too damn cute! Like, have you seen his summer version!? Please DW, make it a Spirit Spiriton Outfit for him and I’ll gladly buy it with my Mana Prisms. And his voice!!! IT’S LIKE A KITTEN PURRING!! :pogo_happy:
I even bought plushies of him, have a cosplay outfit that looks like his 3rd/4th ascension outfit, and AAAAAAAAAA!!!

(Weeb mode, terminated. Serious mode, activated):

Also, he’s the first level 100, NPLV5, 10/10/10 servant that I’ve ever owned. I cannot wait to show off what he’ll do against lancers :3

If Owain helped me able to sleep again, and Spark helped me learn that you won’t always win your fights and that’s okay… Gawain (in a way), showed me that I had a problem, so I’m doing my best to fix it and keep it under control.

Who has grown on you, if you have any servants that have changed your mind/opinion about them?


Hercules existence annoys me a lot less than it used too I guess.

OH, Blackbeard is alright now.


okita. I got two copies of her failing to roll for poster girl - in other words, I never really intended to have her at all. but using her for stuff over time has turned her into probably my favorite servant, gameplay-wise. she has a pretty straightforward kit, but in that simplicity she really has a little bit of everything. very bread and butter dps, but she does it all so competently without having anything especially overpowered about her either that she ends up being super fun to use.

ended up grailing her eventually once I realized how much she’d grown on me


So, Finn McCool, Fionn, Salmon.
I honestly was pretty biased for his bad reputation both gameplay-wise and personality-wise thanks to the community of Fgo, but after leveling him for as a joke and listening to his lines i started to like the dude, and even he agree that old Fionn is a dick and that betraying your friends is horrible. And then Enmatei comes with cool detective Fionn to the rescue


Your Okita hava same circumstance as my Gilgamesh, I’m not intending to get him or even roll on his banner

That Zashuu’s banner is just happen to be placed on 1st January where we got 30SQ as new year gift :fgo_gilgalaugh:


Nero Claudius and Mashu Kyrielight



I don’t have her but to be honest i really disliked her due to her design and voice, but then i saw the event storyline and i got some appreciation for her character and her voice in the event shop was much better than tbe battle lines.


Before CCC and Ooku: I don’t give a shit about Kiara.
After CCC and Ooku: tenor


-Kiara: I always liked her but her bodhisattva clothing is in the realm of feeling off. It has this weird mix of sensuality and mismatched ideas, where if there ever was a costume where her nun outfit would have her hair uncovered and untied I would choose it everyday of the week.

-Helena and Wu: If only they weren’t forced legal lolis because they can be utterly useful. Except Summer Helena, which sucks.

-Arash: I started raising him around the time when I was near the end of Camelot or so. Like two years ago or less. I wanted to do a full harem Chaldea but the best pal showed me my first line up to three turn farming so he opened the way for other best bros like Kintoki to be leveled up.

-Artoria: I’m not really an OG Artoria fan but her Heroine X and Alter-chan versions won me over. The die of an Artoria where she acts the way she would want instead of being weighed down by the past is endearing and ridiculous. Thank you, Servantverse.

Those are on the top of my head right now.

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Used to be neutral about scath, but after I got her in gssr, I really like her now

I like everything about Wu…

If you exclude her voice, her looks, her loli-ness, her animations, her voice, her np, her voice, the fact she’s a forced loli, her voice, her 2nd skill, her voice, she being a loli and being the “most beautiful woman of that time,” and her voice.

Her 1st and 3rd skills are great though.


Yan Qing. Liked his look at first, but he had horrible skills and stats I didn’t want to use, raising him anyway when I had some spare Assassin embers and his star generation potential and overall tankiness worked rather well with Kerry and Carmilla.

Martha OG. Lacked the damage I wanted but after all her RUQs combined with her overall health just made her so difficult to kill. She’s yanked my ass out of the fire quite a few times now.

Mecha-Eli. Wasn’t a fan of the design, but BOW BEFORE BUSTER SUPREMACY!

Jaltzerker. Don’t like Berserkers in general, but she’s made quite a few difficult fights manageable now.


I love how overkill Mecha-Eli Chan’s NP is.


I think also Sigurd grew on me, because of story reasons

LB2 Spoilers

Oh so that’s why he’s murderous. Surtr is possessing him. (To Surtr: Go back to FEH, where you can’t do crap anymore)




Before seraph could care less and she was np1 one of my first servants. I didn’t care for her personality in my room lines nor did I like her in a certain past game. … I used her obviously because I love quick in general… np5 100 atalante alter and kojiro for a reason and she was OK. Dmg was a bit lacking but ok.

Fast forward to seraph. … she becomes np5…easily. a lot of character development. So much I see a lot of similarities with a favorite character of mine , 002 of DITF. The whole designed to be a weapon, misunderstood by humans to where you Hate them, the whole broken wings line… she just reminded me so much of her. Shes a beautifully written character and I hate with a passion that I misjudged her.

Gameplay wise…shes…a monster. 3 turn queen , kill you with high powered crits and a fantastic skill set. Np5… shes a walking nuke…that can drop said nuke multiple times and stack the crap out of her quick buff. And it pleases me that she’s only going to get better.
So I’m sorry melty…I absolutely adore everything about you


Kiara - Honestly I was never a huge fan of her design, I think its kind of over the top and gratuitous (same with Raikou), but after using her a bunch for farming and playing CCC, she has grown on me and I think her design works for her

Bedivere - Definitely not a popular choice, but to me he was kind of milquetoast in Camelot. I just didn’t feel like he had a whole lot of substance as a character, which I think is partially due to the fact that so much of his character is defined around Artoria. It can be hard to stand out when you’re always playing second fiddle to someone else. But I ended up getting him np5 on a class banner and raised him, and he is pretty fun and his design is pretty cool.

Gil Caster - After UBW, any Gil tends to get me riled up. Caster Gil isn’t really any different, he’s still a dick a lot of the time. But he does have his redeeming moments and I liked him in the Babylonia anime. Ive at least gotten to the point where I am impartial about him.

Beowulf - Honestly, Beowulf has been pretty lackluster the entire game. His one shining moment was in LB 1 where he got to bro out with Billy, and even that was too short. I like him as a character, he just has a crummy skill set and doesn’t get enough of the lime light.

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Gilgie grew on me as well :3


Introduction: I don’t like Artoria too much. And the whole Artoria-face thing is an annoyance to me.

First contact with the general Heroine X character was the saber lily event, which left me very neutral in general. I knew about MHX being a joke and all, and she had a few cool lines in that event, but that was it. Until Ishtar’s death race rerun gave her a better acolyte, namely Nobu, to capitalise on the comical potential. However Nobu kinda stole her thunder. MHXA is mostly unknown to me lore-wise and has no weight in my opinion beyond the Art (until I dig into her lore, which should happen at some point).
Enter Summer Festival and what felt like one of the most “WTF banners” in my opinion, featuring a super gimmicky tentacle monster (BB was also vague to me back then), a damn mecha and a new Medb (which I more or less saw as an outrageous fan service oriented bimbo at the time).
Before the event, I was annoyed by the antagonism of those clearly failing to live up to my vision of Fate, namely old human legends magically revived as they’re depicted in our collective minds in a serious story.
However all three of them had kits that looked interesting, which felt even worse given that I hated everything else about their base visual concepts. I dislike the idea of swimsuit servants in general and dismiss it as SQ bait, though I will admit that the summer events I’ve done were both absolutely hilarious.
Coincidentally, the whole Cosmic Noodles scene happened exactly as I was pouring boiling water over my own horribly cheap and lazy instant noodles. That alone did massively tip the scales and her silly appearances in the event stories only made her better and better. I’ve said this already in another topic a good while ago, but I would absolutely love to see an “Adventures of MHXX and the Space Police” event.


Kinda similar to MHX, the summer events last year introduced a lot of Medb to me, and I happen to love female characters sporting often-inappropriate overconfidence (I blame Mahoromatic’s sensei, and much later, Luna Edomae).
Final nail in the coffin (a HUGE nail that one), was RiderMedb’s latest interlude. All of it. It’s fantastic.


Despite the French, I didn’t care too much until I went through LB2. He’s now the only male contender on my new show “Who wants to be a grailed hundredaire ?”. Fierce battle between him and Helena for my Archer support slot =D

Summer Banana

Started using her to repeatedly pummel Moriarty while farming the last node of [some event], all loaded with event CEs, so I had to actually play. And at some point, I started to notice that her gameplay was pretty weird/different, especially when it comes to NP gain. Only comparison I have is Musashi: just like her, Banana can charge her NP bar like crazy when S1 is active.
And I mean crazy as in “18% charge of a Buster card” (ABx chain, in optimal conditions of course, it was a crit, very probably overkill and a caster opponent BUT there was no external NP gain buff, that was her alone doing that. 18% off a Buster.)
Her lancer version also sports the most insane and psychopathic laughter I’ve heard in the game, almost as deliciously disturbing to me as the Joker’s (Mark Hamill). She makes her berserker version look calm and composed. ^^


There are some servants I wish I liked, but I just can’t bring myself to like them and it’s a shame too, because of how popular they are and how useful they can be.

Prior to SE.RA.PH, I didn’t really have any feelings towards the Sakura Five. Then after playing the event, I finally understood why. Now they are A-grade besties and some of my favorite Servants in the game. Meltryllis and Passionlip especially.

I hope that when the Main Interlude rolls around, I can finally get Melt for myself.

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