Do you have any servants that have grown on you? If so, who and how?

I have Melt and I don’t know what it is with me and Alter Egos, but she’s really cool :3 (And of course there’s my NP5 King Protea that I somehow summoned.)

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Chalk me up for the Kiara crew as well - after CCC the first time I was pretty meh about her and then I landed her on a GSSR and I was actually pretty pissed. Fast forward to me dropping about 700 quartz to get a second copy on Ooku 2.

I never exactly disliked Sigurd, but I mostly rolled him because I wanted to keep Bryn company. He’s become one of my favourite boss killers in the meantime and his Valentine’s scene was one of my favourites.

Napoleon really grew on me over the course of LB2 - his design isn’t really my type, and I didn’t particularly care for another shounen-anime-protagonist style Servant, especially out of Napoleon of all people, but he proved more likeable than I thought.

Da Vinci really bugged me at first, with her very one-note “I’m a genius” shtick, but with a bit more development through Camelot and then into the EoRs, I’m as much a fan of our resident genius as anyone.

And as much as I may not like to admit it, I have warmed up to Artemis slightly. I still don’t like her, but I hate her less.


Honestly, I thought Kiara was such a clever villain


Before I had no opinion of Blackbeard one way or another. Since he was an early servant and the writing for early servants was something. I just figured he was the token Japanese pervy character and that was it. Then Summer 3 happened and he became a bro. Still a perv but a bro.

Kiara was someone I knew nothing about seeing as I’ve never played CCC and I wasn’t around during Fgo’s CCC event’s 1st run. So the CCC event made her a great villain. Her whole thing with the Demon Piller surprised the hell out of me and Ooku added to that. Although I’m still not sure if she actually likes us as her master or is just having fun with us.


I am nervous about the summer 3 rerun, but I’ll do it. I’ll cope with Blackbeard, but only for one reason…

SHIRTLESS GAWAIN!! :pogo_happy:

Shirtless Gawain is exceptionally delicious. I’m looking forward to meeting him again.


I just wish he has that as a spiriton outfit that you can get with mana prisms. I mean, if Caster Gil, Robin Hood and I forget who else, has a summer spiriton outfit, why not Gawain and the other knights?

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  1. Caligula: 1st maxed Servant, and the one who made realize the simplistic beauty of smashing through enemies with buster chains. Plus Nero is one of my top 3 Waifus.

  2. Spartacus: A straightfoward farming machine, plain and simple. The guy only leaves my teams when a big enemy comes up. Also gave me a good amount of laughts at Septem (you read that right) and Valentine’s day.

  3. Ushiwakamaru: Got Marie on the first roll so I didn’t payed much attention to dear headpad-chan at first. The demon pillars and Prisma rerun changed that for good :smiley:

  4. Serenity: Valentine scene. 'Nuff said :heart:

  5. Billy the Kid: The odd one of the group; last non story locked 3* I summoned. He just grew up on me.

Honorable mentions
Kiara: Hated her with a fiery passion at first (to the point I eliminated people from the support list if they had her). Started liking her in my own way.

Blackbeard and Shakespeare: For pure, 1st-2nd turn NP damage up.

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I always like Billy the Kid and Hassan Serenity :3

Also, Ushi helped me out A LOT in Babylonia

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For Altria, I like the Saber and “Smol” versions, i.e., Castoria and Summer Archer, but I am terrified of the “Adult”/Lion King versions i.e., Lancer and Summer Ruler.

(Maybe it’s because the Lancer Lion King left a bad taste in my mouth, but…)

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I know what you mean. I believe they made her upper size way too big and her lower size really disproportionate. Not only that, but she has been used for rather low quality jokes or events. Except Camelot but her art in there is different than her servant form.

Plus, isn’t that version in Camelot a demented/accursed/Possessed version?

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I got baby Medusa as my second gold servant, and my big I didn’t like the loli that much

But after babylonia, I’ve really grown to like her a lot

honestly I just loved babylonia a lot


Same. Best singularity out of the 7 ones.


I mean to put this in my main post, but there are definitely servants that I will NEVER use. Mainly Spartacus and Jack. I just can’t do it, they’re designs are so bad. It was a real shame they turned someone with as cool of lore as Spartacus into basically a “Muh Rebellion” gag character, and I just can’t get over Jack’s design in any ascension but her first

Have you done LB3?

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Archer/Summer Helena was highly underrated and I didnt really liked her design and her selfish buffs but she grew on me.

Altho I have OG Helena and Waver, i still bring her to saber and rider nodes for her charge and she can clear saber wave 2 node most of the time with her NP1, for rider nodes, she either softens up wave 2 or be an Np chain that debuff resist down and def down.

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Yes, I am technically all caught up on the NA server. The only story I’ve yet to finish is Shimousa, and I don’t feel ready.

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Shimousa sets up Lostbelt, has some great characters (Danzou, Fuuma and Raikou) and a solid arc for its main character that gets very undermined by the ending and epilogue. Gameplaywise you better have raised David, Hundred Faces, a Lancer with self debuff removal, a ST Rider and a either a ST Caster or a ST Berserker with enough taunters to redirect damage, the thing is quite hard due to story limitations and trying to circumvent it is also limiting.

Despite being very hard it was also very rewarding to beat, and was the thing i liked the most about it amongst the many things i didn’t.

Also i wasn’t actually asking you specifically but it’s fine

I have David, but…

Only real Berserker I use is Nightingale and 6/6/6 is very worrying for her to be at. I don’t have Hassan of the Hundred Personas built up, most likely because I’m not much of a fan of her tsundere personality. For casters…

Circe I’m working on, Medea is 7/7/9, Mozart is 9/9/10, Sheba is 8/8/8 and that’s it.

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