Do you still do your daily quest even if there is an event?

Sorry but I’m new at the game and I heard that the chaldean boys can be participated by new player who have cleared Fuyuki so I’m just thinking if I still need to do the event quest cuz I’ve run out of apples already so I’m just asking my senpai’s for advice. :fgo_bbsmile:


In general Events give better rewards than Dailies do, at least until you’ve emptied the Event Shop, at which point you should switch back to dailies. Mana Prisms are fine, but Ascension Materials are harder to come by and most events chuck more Mana Prisms at you for doing them than the Dailies will ever give out. You’ll also get more EXP cards out of the shop than Dailies.


Arigato senpai :fgo_bbsmile:


Admittedly I’ve been farming Weakness Ear of the CCC event for QP and mats even after I finished the event.

It depends on the event tbh. Lotto’s you aren’t going to be doing Daily’s at all for sure until the event is over to maximize lotto currency drops. Over all, Lotto’s are much more cost effective in getting just about everything.


Yes Emprisk brings up a good point, there are rare exceptions. If you are looking for a specific ascension material sometimes an event will have a node that has an increased drop rate for that item(better than the available Free Quests) then it can be worth farming those nodes for the drop as you can turn any extra event currency drops into QP. The rate varies but is usually 3-6 of the rarest event currency into 10,000 QP.


You should really hang on to your apples. Using a few to clear an event shop is fine, but emptying your stock to farm embers or whatever outside of a 1/2 AP campaign is just inefficient. Most folk hold on to apples for lotteries/hunting quests/raids.

To answer the question posed, no, I don’t do dailies during events and never have done as it just isn’t an efficient use of AP.



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CCC’s used to be 3 traded in for 10000 QP two years ago.


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I haven’t run a daily quest since 2019

But when I was running them, only during dead weeks. Events give you much better rewards unless you specifically need, like, blue gems


unless youre done with an event and cleared the shop its generally way better to d the event.
iif its a no event day my priority was:

story quests > free quests >farming materials for skills/ascension > dailies for exp> mana prism farming > bond farming

I caught up with the story and thanks to all nerofest like events dont need anything so bond farming currently


Similar though in my case it was more: Event farming > Skill/NP Upgrade > Anything that gives SQ > Ascension farming > EXP farming/bond farming(same thing for me ATM) > QP farming.

Daily quest what u mean is for getting mana prism as their reward??? Of course not.
In the future will be replaced by doing any battle will gave 10MP 3x per day

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I only did daily quests at the very beginning, when I was locked out of the event (only happened once, for Guda Guda 3) and my roster was underleveled. After that, from time to time, only between events when I didn’t have time to progress in the story or clearing Story Free Quests…

After my first lotto I don’t even do dailies anymore, farming SQ or materials takes priority.


I like how the Aether Raids tag is (was) here

I used daily quests when the game first launched. At that time, there were no events. Just story quests,free quests, and dailies. Once events started regularly happening, I gave up dailies. However, I did get some value out the dailies I did. They helped me build my early roster. :fgo_jeannecheer:

I don’t even do the dailies anymore on dead weeks…lotteries fix that for you

It’s unusual for the dailies to be a better use of ap during events unless you absolutely have to get some more exp or something to complete the event. During saber wars as a newbie I needed to get more exp for the sabers I could finally raise to make the event easier. But otherwise, stick with events until complete

Frankly, in dead time, I spend my AP on farming Free Quests for mats. I never bother with Dailies anymore, unless I need Pieces desperately.

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You know I’m a F2P and I still have trouble keeping enough QP around for my Servants and I do all the lottos constantly when they’re active. I mean I still need to Ascend 4 different Servants some of them multiple times, as well as buff quite a few skills: Skadi S2 5->10, Napoleon S1 5->6 S2 5->10 & S3 6->10, Altria S1 5->6 & S3 6->10, Quetzacoatyl S1 7->10, Anastasia S1&2 4->10, MHXX S1 8->10, Martha Ruler S1 8->10, Lan Ling S2 4->10, Santa Altera S1 8->10, Chloe S2 7->10, CasGil all 6->10, Chiyome S3 6->10, Circe S1 1->8, & Melt S2&3 1->10.

How do you guys keep enough QP on hand to do all this shit?

I still need to ascend 60 Servants including like 9 SR’s, 1 SSR and R’s and lower.

Also QP builds up over time when you have free time. I’m deeper in Mat hell while Summer 4 and the two lottos this year are going to provide a lot of QP. Especially Summer 4 and it’s going to be great!


It also helps I’m not focused on skills at the moment, but ascension for everyone and getting them to 4/4/4 at least when I do ascend them.

The others just worked harder on the lottos before now than we did. They can fully max out Servants as they get them. We don’t have that luxury yet. I’m trying to get to that point at least with ascensions by the time the year is out. Skills would be another thing altogether.

Still need to farm 20 bones outside of event shops to meet my ascension needs.


Mostly lottery events. Some other events, like the Apocrypha raids, are also excellent for QP.

Oh, and we mean a lot of lottery.