Do you "store"(ignore) your Rank ups/interludes for later times?

I do, but i’m just curious.
Reason is that i usually spend my AP for QP or Embers (when outside events or LB/Singularity missions).

I tend to forget about my interludes or Rank ups.

Then, something like this happens…

This morning did a Interlude, and got this reward.

I really should not post-pone my interludes.

“Never miss an opportunity to strengthen your servants as soon as you can!”



I backlog my interludes and rank up quest for 1/2 AP period unless i need that NP damage asap for a challenge quest.

For example, the stun removal for Jeanne’s ruler NP was too important to delay as i need to bring her to the challenge quest.


This is the correct answer

If they’re a Servant I’ll be using regularly I’ll do their Rank Ups/Interludes ASAP, otherwise I wait for 1/2 AP events. Right now I’m all caught up on Interludes and I can’t do any more Rank Ups until I can ascend more of my Servants though.

I never delay Interludes and RUQs. We’ll soon be getting that update where every 10 interludes completed gives 10SQ.

Even later, the same thing will happen for RUQs PLUS the clear reward will become 2SQ instead of just 1SQ. The latter is applied retroactive so we +1 SQ for each rank up already completed.

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Interludes, with special exception until 1/2 AP periods (like buffs on Servants I like and use).

RUQs, until 1/2 AP or unless a Servant i like and use, but also with exceptions (I did Karna’s ASAP).

Same here. I still have a bunch of locked interludes for servants like Gilles or Geronimo, but I would need to ascend them, and I really can’t justify the ember and mat costs.

@LeiCiel interesting… when do we get the interlude bonus sqz for each 10 interludes?

I waited for the next 1/2 AP Campaign to do my remaining Interludes (which amounted to 40 or so). Was pretty time consuming, but I finally caught up with everything possibly doable. Three are still missing because Ascension requirement not met.

Same goes for RUQs. Even more so, since pretty much all of them have 5 ticks to clear at a cost of about 20-21 each.
But more importantly, I can’t do any of them anyway, because I have hardly any low-star Servants fully raised. Might happen after GilFest, but that has yet to show.
I’m doing the new ones (like Melt, Kiara, …) that came out around beginning of the year(?) right away. I’m using all of my Gold Servants rather frequently, so I’m definitely not waiting for anything to strengthen them.

If it’s a NP/Skill rank up for a Servant I use, I do it when it’s available.
Otherwise, it waits until 1/2 AP

I tend to do them right away as long as there isn’t an event on at the moment.

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The one for RUQs comes first roughly this August during the equivalent to JP’s 14m Download Campaign, which brings Archuria’s last banner for the known future.

The one for Interludes is next April.

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Oh, nice!
Thank you

I do the rank up quests asap but i get through the interludes at a much slower pace since they take longer to clear.

I still have around 30 interludes to clear so yeah, i should really get to it.

I have many untrained servants.

What is the most efficient way to fast getting embers and bound points to unlock as many Rank up quests as possible?

I just do them slowly in between normal play like one tick out of an AP bar and such. If I really like servant or if they’re on my support list I do them immediately.

I only do interludes if:

  1. they give skill upgrades
  2. I hate the character and don’t care about saving the tiny bit of story content. I just skipped through Cu’s interlude because I hate Cu.

I’m only doing interludes and rank ups outside of 1/2AP campaigns when they are really necessary for servants I’m planning to use regularly. Otherwise, I’m waiting for campaigns. My backlog now is very short since I finished all available interludes the last campaign, and the same for rank ups except for Zerkerlot whom I’ve got after it ended (or maybe I just didn’t have embers to raise him on time - I don’t remember). But since I don’t use him, I’m waiting for August to unlock his third skill, and the next interlude campaign to do Angry Mango int (only half of bond points left to get for him to be bond 10).

Servants I use daily or often, or that receive a huge buff that changes them greatly: I play their rank ups and interludes as soon as they’re available, or as soon as I can

Servants I don’t use that often or if at all: their interludes/rank ups can wait until I need SQ or during a 1/2AP campaign

Also NP/skill upgrades take priority over SQ interludes, unless it’s my absolute favourite servants in which case, I play them as soon as I can.