Do you take skills you dont want to fodder or skills you want for Formas?

So I’ve never really considered this when building formas, but I guess I should start now that we’ve got the free one from Summoner Duels.

So when picking skills for formas which is more efficient? Do you take skills that you have fodder for but you don’t want to use, or do you just take the skills you want?


I guess I would look at it as a priority list. Aim for a build that you want and go from there.

Having the fodder for it shouldn’t matter in the end if you’re getting whatever specific skill at the cost of a forma. The only time it’d make a difference is if you’re using a skill as a “placeholder” skill or if you get two skills you like at once and need to make a choice between the two. If that were the case then I’d go with what you needed most and/or what’s more rare in terms of fodder in general and the fodder you have available.


If I’m going to forma them I generally have a build idea in mind or at the very least “goal skills” (most common of which is definitely Ruptured Sky/Blue Flame). If I don’t pull my goal skills and have the fodder (and really want them to have the skill - less an issue when it comes to RS/BF) I’ll give them the goods without hesitation. In other words, I do BOTH.

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I just take skills that would be useful for the statline and type of unit, the idea is to get skills that will make them busted so I can beat all the chambers, I normally play on a daily pace, when there are like 5 days left i do the push to finish all floors then if I were to forma a unit I would use all the torches on that unit on the first chamber to polish the skillset to get the skills I would consider optimal for a build and that are 5 star locked or seasonal locked, for example for Dozla I couldnt get a far save skill but I was able to get a menace skill which is premium and helps him no matter the build.

In my opinion grab all the premium skills that the unit can make use of for different builds, in case you cant get the optimal skill for the build you hope for.

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I’ve only forma’d a unit once, but when I did I only got skills I didn’t have fodder of, skills that I wanted specifically for a build, or rare skills that I didn’t necessarily need but chose because I had other skills already on the unit I wanted to merge into my forma


I go for skills that fit how I want to use the unit, or skills that sync with how they ended up anyways (i.e. I wanted Sylvain to be a Close Foil counterattacker, but her ended up being a Gronnblade nuke with A/S Menace and A/S Solo 4).