I see a lot of max IV pokemons at the master leagues, particularly premiere.
Do you think all of those are legal? I’m well aware spoofers can get 100% on non legendaries through discord fairly easily.
I don’t think the difference is too noticeable, save mirror matches. It’s mostly wondering whether people are cheating to squeeze a li’l advantage.

Some people will absolutely use questionable means to get hundos, whether that’s spoofing, utilizing maps/scanners, sharing account info (so others can catch for them), or just funneling tons of Mons from alt accounts to their main via trades. That said, there’s plenty of legit hundos out there as well. And like you said, in most cases, the difference ends up being pretty minimal anyways.

I’m sure there’s a bunch, but maybe not caught for PVP purposes. Scanner groups where I’m at used to go off chasing hundos all the time. Some of the meta stuff is stuff they’ve had maxed for quite a while. That said, I’ve got 35 of them myself, and have never spoofed or scanned. Of course, not many of those are ML type Pokémon…

I have Hundo Machamp, Gyarados, Garchomp and Arcanine available for Premier, and I have a Mamoswine I can power up and give a second move at any time of the day.

Did I cheat? No, all of them are what I saw from eggs, random wild encounters and sometimes reported by scanners or fellow chat group users.

I do not care but some argue that using scanners is cheating…

I don’t understand your suggestion that Discord channels are somehow “cheating”. As far as I know chat groups are allowed … if not that is indeed stupid. If you are implying that Discord reports Hundos that have been identified via scanners, then you are arguing “the fruit of the poisonous tree” legal position. I’m not sure that chat group users are required to authenticate the source of chat info. I realize that Niantic has an overly “anal” terms of service but they do NOT state that “Trainers are required to walk around like brainless cows and randomly encounter Pokemon and not allowed to talk or interact with other Trainers”.

If you mean me I don’t say that using Discord (or any other way) to communicate is cheating… I only say that info that is obtained in a way that Niantic doesn’t like could be seen as cheating. :wink:

It’s true that I’m seeing a lot and a lot of hundos in GBL…but who cares. I personally have 2 hundo Beldums, one evolved during the original Beldum CDay and maxed, one still waiting for December 2020. Considering a lot of good ML Pokemon had CDays it’s not that surprising. You don’t see a lot of hundo Togekiss, Garchomp, Snorlax, but mostly Dragonite and Metagross…

This is off topic but I’ve seen your wink icon several times already in certain situations. Do you use it as a condescending burning tool of sorts?

If you think my posts are condescending I must apologize, to you but especially to those I reply to. I never ever try to be condescending, I use the wink as I would wink in real life. I use it show that I write something in a “funny /humorous” way, or that I say something in the most friendly way (not to put down the other person or trying to start a fight), and so on…

I use it mostly to show the other person I have no malice in mind with my post, to show them that what I wrote was to be an as friendly and polite answer that I could give. You also need to understand that English is not my native language, I hardly ever speak English the only time I really use it is on fora like these. So sometimes my usage (of the language) can seem a bit crude and I hope to lighten it with the wink symbol.

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English ain’t my native language either :heart:
That’s super clarifying!
Sorry for prosecuting though, could’ve asked more subtly
Lots of people out there use those techniques after all

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They make us grind,

They ask us to pay so we don’t have to grind so much (EMS, egg incubators etc)

Some create “free” ways of getting around the grinding (gotchas, spoofing, bots, alts, IV checkers, discord?, etc)

Some people consider the “free way” as cheating and will get upset others get better pokemon without the grinding. Others consider the “free way” as tools to concentrate in the enjoyable parts of the game and avoid grinding…

Of course Niantic wants you to “cheat” but by paying into their items rather than using others…

I for once think that there must be bots that play PVP for you like there are chess engines. The ultimate cheating tool.

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Hi Ikke, actually I was responding to the original poster who said

“I’m well aware spoofers can get 100% on non legendaries through discord fairly easily.”

I probably did not hit the correct Reply button.

Don’t worry Bro! I have read many of your posts and you do not come off as condescending. There are plenty of examples of condescending posters and posers (LOL) on this channel but you are not one of those.


Thanks, and sorry for the confussion.

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