Do you think CYL 2nd place winners will get a 2nd PRF this year? (Poll)

No matter what IS says, we all know the reason the 2nd place winners got a PRF last year: blatant favoritism for Marth.

Personal feelings about Marth and the questionableness of it all aside, I liked the result. It made the units feel more unique, gave them more longevity, etc.

But there is no Marth this year, and so…

Will 2nd place winners have a second PRF?
  • Yes, they’ll keep up the trend
  • No, they don’t care after B!Marth

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Anyway, I’m going to sleep now, but I’ll be curious to see what you guys think when I wake up. :feh_lynsleep:


It’s a double edged sword tbh. If they don’t continue the trend, it’ll be clear that IS has Marth favoritism 100% and the new braves miss out on potentially new skills. If they do continue the trend, it’s a massive backhand to the previous CYL 2nd place winners since they didn’t get the Marth treatment.


You say that like it’s not already clear



Well, tbf it took this long for Marth to get 6 total alts, while someone like Camilla got that many years before that


Still funny how giving everyone prf skills implied that Is got salty about the face of fire emblem getting less votes than an npc

I think they have to keep doing it now to try to make their lords bias less obvious


I think a lot of people tend to keep low standards for IS (which is fair), but frankly I don’t think there’s any chance that the 2nd place prf skills was a one off thing just for Marth. With that argument, why did Eirika get one? If it was 100% Marth favouritism and absolutely nothing else, Eirika wouldn’t have got one, and future years wouldn’t get one.

I sincerely doubt IS would just dump the 2nd place prf skills after one year of it. As for the previous years that didn’t get a prf skill, who cares? Sometimes changes have to be made. You can’t go back in time, and retroactively giving them prf skills is not unreasonable, but unlikely.

And on the Marth favoritism: I don’t think it’s the sole reason IS gave them prf skills; CYL is probably the highest selling banner every year, and giving all of them something extra special (a prf skill) would just increase sales. Sure everyone grumbles about how 1st place isn’t special, but no one would ever not pull for a 1st place unit just because a 2nd place got a prf skill. However, people would absolutely pull for a 2nd place because they have a prf skill. Did IS Marth favouritism play some part? Perhaps. Is it the sole reason, and once he’s out of the picture, they stop caring? I very much doubt it.


Not completely, do you realized just how much hate IS would have gotten if Marth got a Prf skill but Eirika didn’t


I don’t see how this version is much a different argument tbh. I agree that Eirika fans would be livid, and rightfully so. I just think that if IS is willing to flaunt their so-called Marth bias without restraint, they would’ve done so already. :fgo_mordredthink:


And I don’t really see how IS has “Marth bias” just because the Brave banner that he finally got to appear on had everyone with Prf skill’s, but thats just the powercreep that IS is best known for for the past while now. Honestly the only “IS Marth bias” is what people think just because L.Marth got an amazing refine/remix along with his Brave alt getting a textbook of a weapon and just so happened to get a Prf skill despite being a 2nd place winner. Besides his Legendary/Brave alts pretty much every other alt of his is meh even his Duo


2nd place getting prf skills is just a new symptom of powercreep so, as it does in ever aspect of the game, it’ll definitely continue. I might be annoyed at old favourites missing out but if it’s Tiki and Chrom getting 2, I’m thrilled.
I’m also pretty sure legends/mythics/the next new thing will start coming with 2 someday soon. As with Thanos, it is inevitable.

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I hope not! It just means less fodder options to me.

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I think they will because there will be a lot of outrage if they don’t after last year.


That the prf skills were giving because of Marth bias is still the most stupid thing I’ve heard to date


It may be dumb but at least it probably improved things for 2nd place winners going forward. Hopefully.


Thanks to insane powercreep a unique weapon alone is not enough anymore for units to stand out. Even most banner units who aren’t 4* demotes come with a PRF these days. So it’s kinda natural that Brave units will need a unique skill as well to be something special. I doubt they are going back on this decision for the next CYL.


I think they’ll keep the prf skills for everyones in CyL.

But what I hope now is that they gave prf skill to olds 2nds CyL! (Like a remix).
I don’t see them doing it but it would be fair to do it.


That would be nice. BRoy would deserve it, since he aged rather poorly.


B!Roy is in a specific situation compared to others 2nds CyL because his prf is also on his dad and his statline isn’t marginaly better than OG!Eliwood (+1atk +4spd mainly) which can be +10’ed very easily without taking a lot of orbs.

Somes CyL 1st would also like a remix of their prf skill (B!Lyn and B!Ike for exemple, even if they don’t need it that badly, it would be nice to have more choice)


I’ve seen many have replaced Ike’s B, which is understandable. Haven’t made heads or tails of it myself.