Do you think CYL 2nd place winners will get a 2nd PRF this year? (Poll)

Ike’s B slot was “okay” for like 2-3 months, it wasn’t thay good either… B!Lyn B slot was more useful, still useful (even if null C-diruspt is one of the more popular B slot for infantry).

I know he doesn’t need it but I would love to see B!Hector getting a remix of his prf DC :feh_rein:
For real the poor man has it rough, less than others armored yeah but he is far outclassed as far save user and near save!
I would love to see a prf skill for B!Ephraim too. If I hadn’t already way too many armored axe, I would have merged the boy!


Lyn’s should just be updated to include beasts and dragons like most modern variants of that type.


They probably will continue to give everyone prf skills in CYL. It’s far more detrimental to IS if they don’t.

Honestly we need old units (not just CYL) to get new exclusive skills and upgrades to existing ones. They already kind of do it with L Hero remixes with how different the upgraded skills are compared to the original (looking at you flying lobster).


They should. At this point it would be unfair to those units to not get the same treatment as the previous batch. I really don’t like Marth but at least his existence on the second paved the way to Eirika, who is a very strong unit.

I hope Tiki wins. Fingers crossed.


L.Marth also honestly, boi went from 0 to hero


Hmm…the people that believe that the Marth favoritism isn’t real or wasn’t the sole reason that CYL 2nd placer’s finally got prf skills are kinda deluding themselves.

IS has always made concessions for Marth and Marth fans (Let’s not forget L!Marth being conspicuously released right before CYL2, the first year he placed 3rd)

That’s nice but here’s the thing, IS has always made it so that the second placers ALWAYS stand out even without a prf skill. (Literally every 2nd placer except B!Roy has aged amazingly and even outshone their 1st place counterparts)

Not to mention the very plausibly deniable “oh it’s typical IS powercreep, they wanted to make it so that all the CYL units have prfs skill and be amazing.”
Nice! I’m down with that. Though…why wasn’t this done for CYL4? Y’know, the year all the house leaders made it to the podium? From their shiny new popular mainline entry?

Thought so.

Lastly, the two winners were given support skills even though very single winner has been a dps, compared to the 2nd placer who not only became premier units of their class type but in B!Marth’s case, he got Literally every meta effect under the sun


honestly. i blame it more on the very vocal minority complaining about a “meme” vote. they have every right to change things up, but agian I just feel it cheapens whole heartedly winning. and I’ll own being cranky old woman - but this just reeks of participation trophy for me. Being first means nothing now. and I will maintain if it were reversed and Intsys did this with GK and marianne i doubt there 'd be so many people kosher with it.


That’s definitely true. But a lot of people don’t actually value objective quality over prf skills. I’m sure that IS’ sales would be higher with prf skills than without. I’m not trying to say CYL second placers weren’t selling (I’m sure they were, very well), but I think they nevertheless will sell better with prf skills.

I mean yes, B!Marth was and is very strong, but I hardly think that’s an example of IS’ “Marth bias.” You just stated that 2nd placers are always very strong, and so Marth’s objective strength is scarcely proof of bias, especially since Eirika is better anyways but no one seems to think that was ‘Eirika bias.’


I don’t see what made Camilla particularly unique. She basically had a PRF gravity staff. Lysithea received a ton of backlash when she came out. Perhaps she has aged better now because of W!Bernadetta but when she came out she was completely redundant.

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I am only upset that they gave second prf skills to the second-place finishers because they screwed B!Claude. That year they had all three 3H lords and they shafted B!Claude out of his “Rule” skill for being second. That was the time to start giving second-place people the same as first if they were going to do that. (Then, with the release of Fatal Smoke, they just invalidated him completely for AR.)

So, I think Marth and/or anti-NPC bias is absolutely the reason they did it the next year, and they gave one to B!Eirika to be fair to her because the outrage over just Marth being the favorite would have been massive.

But, for the same reason, I think they will continue to do it. It’s much better for them when they add things than when they subtract them, so I don’t see them removing the skills for second-place folk going forward.


Nice try but first, I said they’ve only made second placers good even WITHOUT a prf skill. Now that they all have prf skills (which was only reserved for first place) that’s kinda moot.

Camilla came out with offensive in-combat stats on a staff (a thing that hadn’t been done yet) and was colorless AND flying. She was designed as a colorless tome before they were even a thing. B!Lysithea didn’t receive the best reception, yes but that doesn’t change that she was better than a 1st placer (B!Dimitri) and though her OG had one-shot kill potential she was still the second best red mage at the time.


Like, why wouldn’t they capitalize off of 3H’s success by giving all the lords prf skills? It was physically impossible to do it traditionally that CYL cuz one of the males MUST be second place. That was the perfect time to break tradition but they didn’t.


I don’t really understand.

So originally, 2nd placers were strong and had no prf skills.

Then, just this last CYL, 2nd placers were strong and had prf skills.

I don’t see how the constant of ‘being strong’ means nothing when applied to every other 2nd place ever (including Eirika, who is even more comparable), but as soon as it’s applied to Marth it’s ‘Marth bias.’


Yah I don’t get the “Marth bais” either… I mean if it truly was “Marth bias” wouldn’t his Brave alt still seen these days. Like legit after his bonus time was up he practically got snapped cuz I haven’t seen a single one since unless it was my own, and that goes with literally every Marth alt. The only time I ever see any Marth alt now a days are on Theme teams. Eirika on the other hand I see all the time in both Arena and AR. Sure B.Marth got a shit ton of stuff on his weapon, but he requires 60+ buffs from all his allies to actually trigger every effect and a single panic on any of his allies stops one of his strongest effects

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I think the best point @Mars124 has made that you are all ignoring is the 3H CYL that we just had the year before.

3H makes all the goddamn money. The lords are insanely popular, and they swept CYL effortlessly, and even Lysithea got in.

And yet, they did not give 2nd place winners a PRF. If there was ever a time to do it, it was then, as financially that would have made even more money than they already did.

Now, why suddenly give 2nd place winners a PRF the year after?
Did they really suddenly think that it would have been better on those units than Claude?

No matter how you look at it, Marth seems to be a huge factor in 2nd place PRFs.


Just make it “if foe’s range = 1” at that point. All melee units.

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Yeah, I’m almost positive the 2nd place winners wouldn’t have if Marth had gotten first.

That’s hardly true, especially if we look at a lot of them before they got refines. And you’re also assuming that the outcome was the intent. I doubt they ever set out to make a “bad” brave unit, but they also probably don’t set out to deliberately make certain ones stronger than others (in the same batch). It more comes down to their respective roles and how they fit into whatever the current meta is that determines who is “better.”

If it weren’t for how great his own Legendary alt became post refine and remix I bet you would tbh. B!Marth is good but L!Marth is kinda busted, especially since he got B!Marth’s prf skill for himself too.


Just because his L.Alt got an amazing refine/remix doesn’t make it “Baised” other wise were is the “Ryoma bias” his Legendary alt got an amazing refine/remix also putting him from 0 to hero just as much as L.Marth

So how about not giving Claude a PRF?

That would have been a good decision from nearly every standpoint, yet they skipped him and decided “yeah, Marth needs it”


I was saying why you don’t see him much these days, not bias.

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I don’t know about Marth biais and i don’t care.

However, that part is true : B!Marianne and Gatekeeper both got support kit, while most brave winner has been carry so far.

It’s a bit of a shame.
Hope their refine will make-up for that lack of self-power.