Do you think they'll shift the Ooku rerun until after the anniversary?

In JP, the anniversary was after the Ooku event rerun, but considering NA anniversary is shifted to early July, do you think they’ll have the rerun after/during the Anniversary? I would personally prefer it that way, because then I could roll for NP2 Kama after (hopefully) already getting Castoria, but with the way NA sometimes mixes things up, anything’s possible.

What do you guys think?


Didn’t they shift Summer 3 re-run last year to after Anniversary, if the timing is similar then that might serve as a precedent.

I too would prefer it after.


I feel the same way too tbh. I even whaled a bit last year on the first Ooku event and spent at leat 1k SQs and no Kama to show for. Since with clairvoyance we can already see that Ooku rerun and Kama banner will be before anniversary and I don’t want to have empty reserves while rolling for Castoria. If ever Ooku would be before anniversary, I’m just hoping I can get Castoria early so the rest can go to Kama. Damn you nugget :fgo_kamasmug: :fgo_kamagrimace:

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My brother in salt I know how you feel :fgo_nitocry:
I would like to roll for Kama again this year but that will all depends on if the event is after anniversary

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I hope not, I don’t need Kama like I need Merlin… I have a budget and kama is like x2 packs MAYBE. I’ll spend whatever I have to on Castoria but I do have a limit to Merlin and Kama and then Himiko is coming this year and she’s so darn cute and the summer event. Too much! I’m relying on Merlin coming first or I’m gonna have to show extreme restraint. I don’t need her but god I want her.

Forgot about Merlin :fgo_badciv:


NA’s schedule is a few weeks ahead of jp right now. A lot of people are speculating it is specifically to keep things like Ooku in the same order as jp despite having the anniversary a month sooner, but we won’t know until lasagna announces things


I’d be really disappointed if they altered things that drastically. Only reason I’m okay with how they been doing the summer reruns is cuz of how messed up na anniversary is with always coinciding with the big anime fest in Los Angeles that is July 4th weekend.


Given the number of “events” that are supposed to happen before anniversary; Something will be done to accomodate the earlier date. Interludes n°13, HQs n°8, Ooku rerun, RUQs n°12, LVB Rerun, Bunyan Rerun and Seraph MI were all supposed to be done before anni. Seems like a lot to cram in. And it’d be my first time seing JP’s schedule being faithfully observed anyway so I’m not sure why people would expect anything different this year…

Personal hope is to see the summer rerun end up being pushed all the way to the second half of July. Obviously I’m liking its current lack of featuring in the announcements. And having a mUSAshi banner after Castoria seems like a good plan.

It doesn’t make sense to have a summer event during spring anyway Lasengle :innocent:


I can see them going Vegas rerun, Anni 5, then all the other stuff in the order they went in Jp

I hope Summer is held off for after Anni, that way if I have anything left I can roll for Melt and MUSAshi

Considering how we are already getting the Interlude campaign even before the Requiem collab ends it’s very likely we’ll get the Summer 5 rerun early June followed by the Seraph main interlude and then Ooku all next month.

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The Vegas rerun doen’t cover a whole month though, we’re not getting the anniversary in June so they need to fill that month somehow.

I don’t really care in what order they come as long as I get the servants I want fast. :fgo_gilwink:

Though it looks like they may cramp it all together which makes no sense since the result would be too many dead weeks after anni and summer event. :fgo_seibathink:


Well the Vegas event is 3 weeks so they can have a week break after the interludes start Vegas then a break after then have anni 5


I hope they do this instead doing ooku event first

Seeing as they are jumping straight to Interlude 13, I am really hoping they will save Vegas rerun for after Anni. The way the JP schedule at this point starts pushing summer reruns in spring feels weird to me. Much prefer for Anni, last summer’s rerun, and then new summer event. Full month and a half of swimsuit from July to August. That’s how it should be.


Since I already have Kama, I want it to be before so I get ~50 more SQ for Castoria and also grab popcorn to see other people torn between spending SQ or not and maybe even failing both :fgo_bblaugh:

I was hoping for as long as possible for the Ooku rerun so I could max bond Medea Lily to have more options to tackle full-gauge Kama, but…

No need to worry, I suppose.


I guess, only summer event rerun will be pushed after the anniversary. Ooku and SERAPH interlude can be fitted within 6 weeks from now