Do you think they'll shift the Ooku rerun until after the anniversary?

It would be a little weird for them to swap them around, seeing as Summer rerun on JP was before Ooku by a solid month and a half

I guess the summer rerun back in JP 2 years ago was part of dmg control after the Covid breakout. Beside it’s not unusual for NA version to put summer event rerun after anni. Ooku and SERAPH are my bet for the next 2 events. And we may not have that weird AoE summer banner on NA tbh

I would prefer mUSAshi’s banner after Castoria, that’s for sure.

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Ooku rerun started on July 22nd on JP. We are currently 2 weeks ahead, which puts that effectively to July 8th. The anniversary should start around July 4th. So it can easily go either way. To make things worse, there aren’t that many events left in the pipeline (hunting quests, summer re-run, SERAPH and the interludes). None of these are very time consuming, and we still have month and a half to go.

They can certainly push Ooku to before anniversary if they don’t give us dead weeks. The question is what will they do after it, because they’ll have almost a month worth of dead time to deal with in mid-July to end of August with only new summer event to go into that gap. September wasn’t exactly packed on JP either.

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Yeah, I wonder that too… It makes more sense to try to distribute the events across time instead of pushing everything before anni and then make us suffer a lot of dead weeks with the occasional Hunting Quest or random ass banner thrown in between at best but idk. It really feels like they want to preserve the banner order over everything else.

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I personally don’t think so.

They already sped up the schedule to accommodate for the fact our anniversary is early.

I’d be rather surprised if Ooku is after.

What I meant was, they will push Ooku before the anniversary, while summer rerun will be after, which fits the tradition of NA.

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It’d be really weird to delay Vegas in favour of shoving Ooku in before the Anni, considering the JP schedule had Vegas first. That said, they also had it before the batch of Interludes that just dropped for us.

But my guess is that we’ll get Vegas and the SE.RA.PH Main Interlude, then our Anni, then Ooku.


Tbh I can see them using that 2 weeks to give some breathing room. Because after JP’s anni things got really cramped with events right after each other with no time in-between.

Summer Camp ended on the same day the 21 mil campaign started and that ended the same day Interlude 14 started. And Bunnyfest started during Interlude 14 then bunnyfest ended that same day HQ 9 started and ended the day GUDAGUDA Yamatai-koku started, and the day that ended Santa Gale rerun started.


I hope this will happen bcs i want secure castoria first then pull kama


Looks like Vegas is coming up next.


As expected


Good, I am in dire need of QP, already blew the almost 600k I got from Apocrypha raids. :/

LOL, interesting. I was going to post the same image with different servants when I saw it in this morning but wanted to wait after work. Oh well, as long as someone post it. :fgo_morilaugh:

Anyway, all according to the plan! :feh_thinkinglikelukas:

COME HOME, MUSASHI, I JUST NEED NP1!! :fgo_musashipeek:

Let’s get those Olympus FQ SQs before summer rerun :fgo_meltstash:

The best thing is that in a few days there’s no QP limit, kekekeke, which is ironic since I never saw any reverse QP hell. Reverse QP hell still a myth. :fgo_rinlaugh:


Hell yeah!! :fgo_gudao:


Now it’s official:

I really need to start on the Olympus FQ!


If I did the math right, and if they release one event after another, without some time between them, then Ooku will finish right before July 4th

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Nope, I’m guessing Ooku is after anni.

Summer rerun ends 12. June, then you have 3 weeks left before 4th July: 2 weeks of CCC and 1 week of Hunting Quests. :fgo_hokusaiwink:

The question is will it be HQ first or CCC? :fgo_tomoethink:


Unless they move the Hunting quests to a later date (which to be fair is entirely possible) it looks like the earliest Ooku could start is on the 26th of June which means it’ll last through Anni until the 10th.

If that’s the case I guess it’s a win for both the people who want the Ooku SQ and the people (myself included) who want to roll for Kama/Kiara without dipping into the Castoria fund (unless of course they decide to move Ooku until after anni to fill in the dead week(s?) until Summer 5.


For some reason I though SERAPH MI was 1 week on JP unlike the actual event/rerun. I don’t think they would overlap anniversary with an actual events that’s not just a summoning banner.