Do you think this year Arknights has Limited Banner problems outside the special events one?

By special events i mean like Chinese New Year Banner and Anniversary banners (both 2nd and 2.5 year)

Because the consensus from Summer Banner alone is extremely bad despite Chen Alter being super broken in terms of kit and the 5 stars completely outshone the 6 stars in terms of likability and people were already doomposting after they got hit by CNY > R6 > 2nd Anni banner i mean even if R6S has hard limit to 120 guarantee pulls it seems like the addition of Summer Banner being limited is just a big no for them

not to mention the male operators this year outside Tequila and R6S and Mr Nothing has been getting poor treatment from Hypergryph (well Passenger is getting better actually but Mizuki on the other hand his kit looks half baked)

i feel like they just bandwagoned towards the summer characters hype like other games with Dossoles but it backfired pretty heavily

also they need to set the standards for Alter operators tbh they can’t just make summer version of certain characters an “Alter” despite nothing being “altered” for them outside the Doctor sending them to get a summer vacation or something

There’s actually a reason for that if you take a look at HG revenue this past year

It’s clearly after Nian banner, other banners revenue outside of limited drop significantly, there’s also HG’s new game that got announced back in August so the summer limited is probably something that they need the profit for it
And about Ch’en alter lore, it’s actually got exaggerated by the drama but tbh, it’s more like Lava with Purgatory in this case, the reason Ch’en picked up Chi Xiao and learn swordsmanship just for her sister and Lungmen’s sake, and now all of her problems are left behind, it’s just the new time for her to put away the past and learn something new, Talulah and Lungmen were the things that hold her back for many years and now she’s be able to be free from it, hence her own theme song even talk about it, she’s be able to smile so happily in contrast of her stern expression in main story