Do you think we will get a gift for the three houses release [POLL]

  • yes because Intelligent Systems is generous and we should always support them :)
  • No you dumb f***. Since when has Intelligent Systems been nice to us?!?

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Edit: I’m a dumbass and I didn’t specify that Byleth won’t count since u have to pay still


Wasnt Byleth the gift?


Like orbs :)

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Erm… No

The math does not add up

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I voted both because both are possible lol

With the promotional offer it makes me think we’ll get nothing, but IS is pretty unpredictable. Except for nothing and we’ll see :man_shrugging:

Also we might get a summer event like last year so… I don’t know, but I think more “no” than “yes”


If they gave us orbs for SoV debut then they’ll give us orbs for 3H debut


This calls for a good ol’ top text bottom text


Both. Yes because we should support Intelligent Systems because they make our precious Fire Emblem games and release many of our favorite characters. But I also chose “no” because IS is pretty bad at making decisions now (hence why best boy isn’t in the game), and they’re also pretty greedy (we SHOULD’VE had 5* exclusives be demoted)!

Life has told me one thing:
it likes kicking you in the balls just for the sake of it.

So,short answer:


Aside from Orbs, no. I’m pretty sure Male Byleth was the gift.


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If they can’t make this a reality,I’ll never trust them :smirk:

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inb4 Armored CYL3 Camilla :camillamug:


IS probably considers M!Byleth as our ‘free gift’. So if you’re getting the game, you’ll get a unit, but if you’re not buying Three Houses, they probably don’t see a reason to give anything extra.

Considering how stingy IS has gotten with F2P orbs, I really wouldn’t expect anything unless it’s like M!Byleth where it comes free with something that costs real money.

At the very least, it’s good to stay optimistic, even if it seems impossible

username is GOT_NO_ORBS

Nope. Now I’m on like 60 orbs. Not too high but alright…

The game is free. They aren’t obligated to give us anything just as much as we aren’t obligated to buy orbs. If they want too, they’ll do it. If not, well they’re not. Simple as that.