Do you use other ascension forms besides the last?

When I look at my friends list most of the servant are in their final ascension and it made me think. How many people actually use other ascension forms? For what servants and why? I’ll start with some of my own.

Abby First ascension: I just can’t stand her outfit in her other ascension it just bugs me.

Helena First ascension: I hate that floating doll thing behind her on her later ascension.

Ishtar Second ascension: I don’t like her shoes/boots in the third form.

And finally…
Tamamo lancer Second ascension:

I mean come on how come no one else uses this its a wet t-shirt waifu.

That’s not all of them for me but going through all of them would be a hassle. Maybe I will add more later if I feel like it.


I use Waver in his 2nd form. I like the sophisticated suit and tie look more then his child look.

I use Tomoe in her first ascension, not a fan of the samurai style armor.

I use Karna in his first ascension, hate the spear jutting through his allies, and I like the golden armor look.


I use quite a few, but the ones I remember offhand are Fujino and Waver.

But there are like 4 or 5 options (their card, their sprite, their icon, something else) and i mix and match liberally from those options.


I don’t have Waver, but I totally agree with this.

Off the top of my head, I use Moriarty’s, Merlin’s, and Wu’s 1st forms, and Penthesilea’s and Okita’s 3rd form.

I sometimes mix and match, though, using final Ascension for the icon and third Ascension for the card face, or vice versa.

I think a lot of my welfares stay in their default. Nobu, Chacha, Shiki, and Chloe definitely.


Yes, me too. Mature Waver for the win.

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A couple for looks, admittedly some are because they make me feel uncomfortable with their intended age and lusty 4th ascension. So I prefer to have less of that if I can help it.


Oh yea forgot jack bc I haven’t leveled her yet since I got her recently. She is eternally staying in stage 1. If I am your momma you are going to wear some clothes young lady.


I like Alex with horse, but his FA’s coloring style is ehh for me.

I also like JK fox in her high school uniform.

Bonus: Tanned Surfmo with pink jacket.


Oh, yes, forgot Jack! I keep her in first form as well. Just use her final Ascension as her icon.

I pretty much always keep units in their final ascension for the card itself, but I regularly bring battle sprites down to previous ascensions. Off the top of my head I can think of Emiya (1st), summer mo (1st), Archuria (1st), and Artoria (2nd). But there are others

I’m Jealous of your Jack. Jack and Jalter are the 2 servants I have gone in on and failed. I should probably stop going for servants with names that start with J.

Chloe is one that I think she is middle school aged if i’m correct and 4th ascension is a bit much.

Yea chloe is super uncomfortable too.

Sadly jack is going to have to wait, she was a spook so I didn’t plan to try and get her. I need void dust in case of skadi and bones in case of scathach coming home in the GSSR. In the super likely event that I get neither though she will be pretty much straight to max level with 10/10/10. A little sad that Shiki is probably going to end up retired bc Jack does stupid damage.

jack’s coat stays on during murder


I do this more than I realized…


Spook Jack!. You toss salt bae in my wound…
Skaldi needs Void Dust?..great, I totally exhausted those recently…

Archuria Stage 2
Meltryllis Stage 1
Jack Final Stage. The coat looks weird.
Drake Stage 2
Medusa Lancer - switching between Stage 1 and 2
Alice Stage 2
Okita Alter Stage 2
Space Ishtar … Switching around all 3 Stages. They are all awesome.

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Tons of Dust. 144 IIRC.

I always make the lolis put their clothes back on.

For the men, the less clothes the better so I use Kintoki’s second ascension, CasGil’s first ascension, and Lancer Cu’s second ascension.


Will put just a few examples of different choices for ascension.

Hood Arthur is my favorite Arthur.

Karna gets nekkid in his NP anyway, so might as well keep the armor to change it up.

Tamamo’s animations are a lot more fun in her early stages so I keep her first form. Gotta keep the kicks!

Amakusa looks a lot better with the priest attire instead of his samurai get-up. Pretty sure most Amakusa players keep this one tbh.

Ponytails are best and so are exposed thighs. Win win.

Her hair in the other forms are dumb, so I keep her original look.

I have a lot of other changes but I don’t want a wall of pics bigger than it already is lol


There’s been a number of posts on this. My lower ascension sprites come in a few flavors.

  1. Less lewd (poor jack)
  2. Less pink (Liz’s 3rd… gag!)
  3. Better Background (fuuma’s full moon is awesome)
  4. Removing Weird accessories (Helena’s floater, nero’s lion thing, Edison’s rainbow cap things)
  5. Preference (Medusa lily & Robin hood 2nd, Paracelsus 1st)
  6. Character differentiation (stheno and Eurayle, only stheno gets the halo)