Do you use other ascension forms besides the last?


Servants you keep on previous Ascencions

Servant sprites I keep at lower ascension


I change her around here and there, but I’m real weak against the Nun aesthetic. Also the leg slit is really great.

Also I don’t have her, but if I did, I would definitely use summer Raikou’s disciplinary outfit a lot.

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All three ascension forms are great design, so I switch between them regularly:

I keep Archuria and Li Shuwen in their first ascension, Waver in second. I keep my second ‘esports unit’ copy (e.g. L50 Mata Hari, L50 Mozart) in a lower ascension stage to prevent confusing them with their L60 copies.

I keep a lot in all sorts of forms. Also keep the ‘esports’ fodder copies in lower asc stages. More aesthetically pleasing.

that’s tthe one i use for her. easily the best of both worlds.

I mainly use first Ascension for most of my units, one exception is Salieri who I keep in second Ascension for his suit.

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Here’s my support set up… As you can see, all are in 1st or 2nd ascension. If it’s a servant I use a lot or like, they are usually never in their 3rd ascension.

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First Ascension

Arthur. I like the invisible sword (and I can use it for free, Seiba :feh_lynstare:)
Jack. No explanation needed, but I genuinely do like the cloak
Suzuka: Her dancing outfit is gorgeous, but her high school outfit feels like it fits her much better
Emiya Alter. The cape in his 2nd is badass, but I like the view from the back and his 3rd is too distracting :eyes:
Medusa Lancer: The hoodie is too adorable to not use
Summer Kiyohime. It’s my favorite of her outfits

Second Ascension

Mordred, Salter and Artoria Lancer Alter. I like my knights with their armor
Tamamo. Her 3rd outfit is too busy
Jeanna. I like the blue outfit better
Atalante. The stripes and frills in her 3rd look kinda clowny to me
Summer Marie. It’s my favorite of her outfits
Summer Nito. MEDJED
OG Marie. Her 3rd is too monochromatic.
Asagami. She looks cute in the outfit and she deserves something normal
Sherlock. It feels more classic. Plus, the 3rd outfit’s coattails look like they’d be more fitting on a Foreigner
Waver. I like his mature look better, but I do keep his SG on his final because he looks happy

And then there’s a few who’s SG I don’t keep on their final because their face looks weird in their FA art like Tamamo, Gil and Bedivere

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I use her 1st ascension. I just really like the colors more.

And I also use Tamamo 1st/2nd ascension the animations look cooler and honestly fit her character better. She always comes across as a very animated character and her third ascension looks a little to regal to me


Main art, battle sprite, icon, status icon, and command card art.
I know I made a thread a while back that covers more customization of these various arts.

If all three ascensions are different enough and I also like all three, then I’ll try to represent all three ascensions somewhere in their various arts.

For example, Karna’s ascensions are all cool, but since he swaps to third ascension when using his NP and how gigantic his spear is in that form I leave that for just his main art, and then I represent his first ascension in both his status icon and his command cards and make his battle sprite his second ascension. I’d give other examples, but then that defeats the purpose of linking that thread, so I’ll move on to the main discussion here.
Karna’s third ascension main art is way better than his final ascension main art in my opinion.

I’ll often do the reverse actually. The main art is much more in-your-face than the battle sprites, so for example Semiramis I leave in first ascension for main art and have her in third ascension for her battle sprites since the weird hair doesn’t bug me as much in that format.

You’re cutting his wings off? Are you grounding him because he tampered with other servant’s NPs too much?

I guess I could do a list of reasons like Mysty did, that’s an efficient method.

  • Less lewd (Jack, Chloe, Irisviel, several others)
  • Mix of the above and cool armor being cool (Artoria Lancer Alter)
  • Like the third ascension more than final art (Karna, Georgios, Ishtar, Arash, Babbage, Romulus, Summer Nobbu, Chacha, Inshun, etc…)
  • One outfit seems to fit the character way more than the others (Caster Marie 2nd ascension, Archuria 2nd ascension, Lancer Medusa 1st ascension, Jaguar Warrior 1st ascension, others)
  • Animations (Spartacus 2nd ascension to show his face in his battle sprite)
  • Outfit makes sense for their role (Jack 1st ascension, Cursed Arm 1st ascension, Danzo 2nd ascension battle sprite, Tamamo Cat in her Tamamo robe) Though the last one I need to check if that affects the animations or not, still want to throw omelet rice at my enemies.

Agreed, this is one of the main reasons I’d like to get her.


Is that what they are? Honestly his whole design doesn’t make a lick of sense

While I like some of the potraits, I rarely use them in-game. I generally use 3rd. It’s often the case that when people show their lineups, I sometimes don’t recognize the servant, even one I have.

Oh, in particular, I keep Jack at 1st ascension


I can’t take her seriously so she needs to be in her furry suit footie pajamas Jaguar getup.


Some of them, i already explain my reasons un another thread about the same thing but a new addition is Siegfried, i use him in his 2nd ascention because he doesn’t look good with the wings in the battle sprite

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  • I keep archer Gil in his 3rd ascension, his ugly top armor gets in the way of his abs :feh_ceciliaculture:.
  • Caster Gil is kept at 2nd because his tiny flappy cloak/sleeves doesn’t make sense to me, but I use his FA cause I like the art :feh_ceciliaculture:.
  • Archuria in her 2nd because she looks better with a ponytail.
  • Yagyu in 2nd because of the bird. Shame the bird is not there with his battle sprite.
  • Sherlock in 2nd for that classy look :fgo_umu:.
  • Seiba Alter in 3rd because I like her better with that black dress.
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I usually keep everyone I raised at the 3rd, both Ascension and sprite. Only Arash in FA with Jack and Tomoe in 1st sprite for obvious reasons. Don’t remember why I have this habit tho :fgo_gudako:

Skimmed thru the posts, and no one likely mentioned Emiya.
I usually like his 1st ascension since that’s what he looks like in anime; but recently I switched to the 2nd bc I like how his hair is down and not brushed up. And his arm muscles.

I keep my Jalter in 1st ascension; also Moriarty, Waver, Vlad and Abby.
Abby’s 2nd & 3rd ascension is too scary for me to handle

I’m constantly changing ascensions for servants depending on the season, month, story, major battle they had etc. For instance, LB1 was a winter wonderland so I changed all the servants I used into the ascension that had the most clothes. Generally for summer I put servants in their least amount of clothes or coolest looking attire and winter in their most amount of clothes or warmest attire.

If one of my servants has been in the same ascension for more than a season, it’s most likely because I forgot to change the ascension.

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I keep all of my servants, except for two (Mash and Caster Nitocris at Ascension 2) at Ascension 1, because I like the simple and basic look. I also have OCD with this kind of stuff too, so if I change a handful of servants to Ascension 1, I feel like I have to change all of them to Ascension 1 :sweat_smile: