Do you wish any servants could get a redesign? if so, which servants?

Okay I got a good idea for a topic… finallly it was a struggle ngl.


Are there any servants you wish could get a redesign?

My picks for a redesign:

1. Artemis


My trash explanation

Okay… first off I understand she’s technically part of Orion’s thingyyy but still. I just wish she looked a little different. I love her original story(Greek myths), and I don’t really get why she looks like this? I know they picked this design with purpose, but I just can’t like it lmao. I know if they made her like in the myths, she’d be too like Atalante, so of course they couldn’t do that. But in fact within the myth, at the end, Orion & Artemis actually hated each other by the end of his story(it’s his mother’s fault likely). idk I just don’t like her design.

2. Fionn

My 2nd trash explanation

It’s not like I don’t like the character. He’s fine. but the problem is just me wondering why his fgo version is so different from the fate/zero diarmuid flashbacks of fionn. I don’t know… I’d have prefered the fate/zero version ngl. I don’t know… i just don’t like his design.

Jack The Ripper(child version)

3rd explanation

It’s not like I don’t like the idea. I love the idea that Jack the Ripper is basically all the kids who died/were abandoned in London. I love that idea. I just don’t like her outfit. I think it’s the third ascension? The one that literally almost has no clothes on?(the one in apocrypha) yea… I don’t like that design too much. the one with the cloak is great and i love it but the rather uh skimpy one… no thank you.

I love FSF Jack’s design though:
download (9)
Jack the Berserker when DW?

Feel free, as always; to destroy my trash opinions.
But also if you agree, please feel free to reply your thoughts as well.

Happy Wednesday!


there are others I will refrain from ranting about, maybe I’ll rant tomorrow about them?


You may have opened pandora’s box.



Making Artemis the maiden goddess of the hunt more than a lovesick bimbo to a pervy teddy bear and giving jack some pants are the ones that came to mind before I read through your post :sweat_smile:


lmao fate fans think alike of course


but seriously, before I started writing I was like during apocrypha:

“give this assassin some pants… please?”

also poor artemis… you were done… dirty.


Jack’s clothing is highly questionable, but her depiction was pretty inspired overall. I’m happy with her.

Artemis…ugh. I’ll give her a tiny bit of comic relief cred as a duo with Orion, but not a fan.

Fionn’s fine by me except that his attack animations are still bland, and his face cards are all shit.


It would be quite rude if I posted here without giving my opinion on a design. I assume someone(s) are going to touch upon the usual suspects in these type of discussions so I’ll pick a different one.



There is only one thing on this design that bothers me and it’s the heels. They just seem pretty off to me. They were probably going for a mechanical look with the anklet device, but I think I would like it better if their flats were styled into heels similar to the previous ascensions. Or if they moved the device to the sides of the ankle instead of behind.


I get that ^

Okay… I’m a gil fan & he’s my literal favorite from this franchise.
The shoulder part though… I don’t care for.
It’s too big in my opinion(lmao im being so nitpicky my god i can’t~)
I just prefer his prototype armor to this one, that’s all.

cough prototype gil when DW?


Here are my choices

Agree with Artemis and Jack

OG Ushi: I’m fine with her sprites but not a big fan of any of her ascensions. Keep her samurai look and give her real armor. Also, her attack animations are pretty outdated, but not sure they can do much with her low hit counts (unless DW wanted to increase them :pray:)

Jing Ke: She was great in LB3 so we got a chance to see her a lot but I think her art looks strange (bad proportions?). Her FA is fine though.

Raikou: I don’t have her and both her classes are useful, but her design is very off putting for me. I’d like them to tone down her design.

Lancer Alter: my first gold lancer and major beat stick who’s stomped many enemies into oblivion for me. My gripe with her design are her legs. I think they’ve atrophied since she’s on her horse all the time. They look even worse on her traveling outfit CE. She should probably cover up the open spot in her armor too; it would protect her better that way.


Literally just clothe the babies and I’ll be happy with the designs


Lakshmibai and Le Loi because of the Saberface thing. Characters like Nero and Jeanne are fine because they have had their own series to develop their own character and separate themselves from Artoria but Lakshmibai and Le Loi don’t have nearly enough development and I often see them treated as just derivatives of Artoria and Jeanne rather than their own unique individuals. I also don’t like the reasonings behind the two because it sets a precedent that anyone can be a Saberface if they’re even loosely connected to any existing Saberface.

I often seen the reasoning that Lakshmibai is a Saberface because she’s known as the Joan of Arc of India therefore she must resemble Jeanne who resembles Artoria. The issue with this is that there are multiple women across history who are known as the Joan of Arc of their respective countries. For example: Ryu Gwansun of Korea, Lady Trieu of Vietnam, Alena Arzamasskaia of Russia. That means that if any of these other Joan of Arcs somehow get added to the series, they would automatically become a Saberface rather than getting a unique design. Also it feels iffy that Lakshmibai, who was known for revolting against British imperialism and assimililation, now has the appearance of a British woman.


Non to be honest, i’m fine with litwrlall everyone on this world of weardos

In the case of Fionn on Zero was because on that time Fionn didn’t have a design, so they made one thereselfs, but the Fionn that we have now on Fgo (and the oficial one) is more similar to his myth, after all Fionn was called that way because he wasn’t able to tell the people his name, so they just called him like the color of his hair, so yeah he is Blonde McCool


My real beef is with the early bobblehead designs. Some have been fixed already, but more are crying for better proportions, including…

  • Jeanne
  • Jalter
  • Paracelsus
  • Da Vinci
  • Mozart

I don’t want complete redesigns for these Servants, but update their animations and fix their heads, please.


Anne Mary - look like blowup dolls, would give them a human looking body/face/etc

Arash - Give him a nose

Tamamo - give her hair physics, tone down her eyes, make her tail and ears the same color and also make the ears smaller

Artoria - no burger king hat, bigger arms

Nero - much smaller eyes, different outfit altogether, give her a nose

Gawain - adjust eye height on his final ascension

Lancelot - make his face come out further, lower nose

Watanbe - mushroom hair…

Saito - :/

Gil - get rid of the point at the back of his head or just hair down always

Artemis - delete

Chloe - give clothes; make FA not that

Stheno/Euryale - change the outfit entirely, maybe slightly less bright

Mozart - make look less like a goat

Hektor - lower nose and finish drawing it

Helena - make her look old

Fionn - eyes and nose gotta go down again

Valkyries - make them look tougher

Brad - remove the Hey Arnold head, move her eyescloser together and farther apart vertically

Caen - pants

Irisviel - Burger King hat remover part 2 and better FA

Edison - ???

JTR - clothes

Shuten - back to the pants thing

Danzo - raise her face higher

Chiyome - age face

Wu - pants

Spartacus - mostly confused why hes gray

Nightingale - change the shading on her face it throws me off

Hiji - chest abs

Penth - fix her hairline, change FA entirely

Raikou - a bit too much fun with the titty slider

Mandricardo - just copy the fan art for the face

Europa - face proportions

Boudica - eggplant titties

Georgios - overall update on art

Himiko - eyes more saturation

If not on the list they’re either in my complete redesign, don’t change, or forgotten pile


Watanabe mushroom hair look good in his 3rd ascension artwork, sprite wise tho it’s pretty weird

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Omg the Burger King hat. I refuse to use any Ascension that features it.



I still think it looks pretty horrible

if my friend went out with that hair I’d fix it for them

I laughed way too hard here


When I look at it like this, it look good


Yeah he never really one to worry about his haircut


this needs help though

I just have the urge to cut it but I cant because hes a drawing


I’ve been staring at Ozy’s torso for too long and my brain is starting to melt but something about his musculature has always bothered me