Does anybody know when will the Near Light begin?

Will they make it so it’s the 2,5 anniversary of the EN server and therefore begins in, like, July?

Nobody knows for sure. But if we keep following the CN schedule, it will likely be around the end of April.

EN’s half-anni usually corresponds to CN’s Lunar New Year events and banners, which would be Invitation to Wine and Ling’s limited banner this time around.


Last year the Rosmontis/Mudrock banner started on the 30th of April so maybe Nearl will be a similar date.


May 2nd is when the new annihilation will begin and the next annihilation premiered with near light so odds are it will begin just a few days prior to that. I mean we are on an exact 6 month gap right now with CN. Chapter 9 will premiere March 17th and in CN it was September 17th. I believe we have synced officially to a level hypergryph wants as well. If we keep on the same path without swapping events we will even have hit the right schedule for half anniversarys and full anniversarys as well. For global it’s summer event (in January) and CNY (in august) while for CN they have the other 2 big events which undertides and nearl light represented.