Does anyone else think this?

As someone who doesn’t spend money on this game i just think that the amount of pokecoins available per day from gyms should be unlimited. WHY ONLY 50. It limits the amount of things i can do by so much, as i can’t buy many remote raid passes and other items from the shops that i want. They should really change this


But therein lies the answer to your question. 50 coins limits your gameplay. More coins would enable more gameplay. For money you can have more coins. Niantic like money.


First time playing free mobile game?

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What @Oaf posted pretty much sums it up. At the end of the day, Niantic is a business looking to make money. If they give us access to earning unlimited coins per day, fewer players would purchase them in the store. That means they make less money, and the game suffers as a result.

They’ll give you a taste for free, but if you want the full meal, you gotta pay for it.

What i would say is expand the amount of coins you get at most. 55 to 60 coins may be good. This, again, i would say at most though.

It can be a bit annoying. :unamused:

Im getting back at him so hard. Ima ask to go for a walk and literally kick this Lapras’s butt.
Nevermind. Im kicking iterally all of his alt accounts pokemons butt.

Im fumed now.

I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere. All that’s missing is… most of it :rofl:

Nevermind all of that. First deoxys raid. I. Am. In. Shock


Congrats!!! That is a nice one to begin with :+1: :+1: :+1:

Wow! I hope you get it. Me: bad luck with Deoxys. All with more than 1770 fled… No shiny as well, but well. But it looks GrEAt
Oh, and on-topic: I am fine with the coin system, also the recent change, the only thing I would like to have is summing up coins for the days you are in, at least for all days you did not get any gym coins at all.

I would love a level playing field but then it should have lots of advertising or it will not be free to download. They must have a source of income.

They charge you to minimise the boring grinding (gotchas, star pieces, eggs, etc) or to participate in the fun stuff with good rewards (raids, fests, etc)

If gyms were just challenging again a lot of problems could be solved.

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I often think what they should do is tweak the gym coins system to be a little more like old system.

Step1: Create a new currency say Pokemon Gems for Gym system. Returns of Pokemon gems each day is unlimited

Step2: Create a “Cash out” or “Conversion” button that you can hit ever 20 hours that turns 50 (if you want same cap) pokemon gems to pokemon coins

(Cash out button is a remnant from old system)

Pro to this is people would always get something (even ifs unusuable) from pokemon return + maybe some of those take over every gym types would take some days off letting others get in

It is easy to get overboard, look at candy crush!

They have to achieve some balance so “free players” can still compete but “paying” gives you enough of an advantage.

Going to be honest, this is one of (if not the) most balanced freemium game out there. Sure, there’s an advantage to those who spend $$ but its not so overwhelming that F2P trainers can’t compete or get basically the same things eventually.

The only thing I dislike about the new system is you can’t bank gold. It also makes training and feeding less worth it imo.