Does Dragonite's Draco Meteor lock out other moves, according to the article on this site?

In the PVP section of Dragonite’s article, there is this statement:

Dragonite cannot know Draco Meteor alongside Dragon Claw , or Dragon Breath for that matter, making it far less viable in practice.

Can someone please explain what this means? I thought CD Dragonite could unlock a second charge move. I’ve finally got enough Candy to evolve to Dragonite for the first time, and I’m just wondering if I should just got for Outrage and save getting Draco Meteor for next December. Haha. This is my first time posting here. Gamepress is my go-to for everytime I need advice in PoGo.

Dragon Breath and Dragon Claw were only available to Dragonites evolved February 2017 or earlier, while Draco Meteor was only available to Dragonites evolved during specific Community Days, which were introduced in 2018.

However, a few days ago, Niantic made many legacy moves (including DB and DC on Dragonite) available again, but the GamePress page has not yet been updated for this change.


If you primarily do raids, and need another (or a first) dragon attacker, then go for Dragon Tail/Outrage. If you PvP a lot and want a Basher for the Master League, go for Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw/Draco Meteor, but be warned that it’s expensive. On the other hand, you can walk Dratini, catch the occasional wild one, and hatch your 10k adventure Sync eggs to get more candy, and you can evolve to Outrage anytime. DM just comes around once a year.

Thanks y’all, for the answer and the insight. I honestly don’t really get to get out to raids very often, and it’s hard to get out with groups for the higher level raids so I just stick to solo-able ones… And PVP… I want to do it, and I like prepping for it, but I don’t really get to do that either. I guess I’ll just keep walking and hoping and catching the one or two I see per month and hope for something good.

I do have a CD Salamence, so I can just keep getting by with that for dragon attackerness.

Beware because Draco Meteor costs a bit more than outrage and there is nothing Outrage can kill Draco Meteor cannot.

Also, the attack drop is very risky at times. Learnt this the hard way when using Moltres against a few grunts.

it’s time to swap to Flamethrower Heatran dude

What does Heatran have to do with this?

I have Heatran use Flamethrower/Iron Head now BTW

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I thought, now that Heatran has Flamethrower as a cheap Fire charge move, it would be redundant to use Moltres over it…right?

Just trying, plus the grunts I fought may have Mud Shot Grimers.

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Then why are you using Moltres against Grimers? Armored Mewtwo is a thing.

I’m just testing things out. That’s it.

If I were for real, I use Armored Mewtwo, Registeel, Jirachi or Giratina. (Both)

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Mm ok. I interpreted that sentence as “I use Moltres against Poison Grunts”.

A bit late, but thanks for all the input and clearing up the question. I went ahead and got DB/DM and unlocked 2nd charge move which was Dragon Claw :D I’m happy with my choice.