Does every operator have a hidden clue value?

I’m not talking about search speed, or about the Operator Base skills - those things are known.

I’m talking about operators like Platinum and Meteorite who seem to somehow find the majority of my Clue 4 and 5’s.

Has anyone else seen weird results where certain unlisted operators seem to find either of the rare clues?

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Yup, operators are more likely to find clues of their own factions.

Each clue number represents 1 faction.

EDIT: ok so upon searching, apparently it’s not confirmed that this is 100% true for every operator.

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I’ve found that confusing as well.
*In theory, operators without clue-finding skills will search for clues randomly. But in fact, it’s not something like that. Maybe operators without clue-finding skills will more likely to search for clues from their own fractions as well.

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You might be seeing patterns where there are not, like seeing shapes in the clouds.

I am curious tho. I’d contribute to collect data samples for this.

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You might be right.
I’m going to cycle them both non stop this week and see if it really does make any difference.
If it does, maybe we can think about exploring it further.

It seems so. I have an E1 Indra for myself. But somehow, thanks to her and my May,(through they don’t have any Base skills related to clue 5)I have a lot of clue 5s stacked up.(Clue 5 spamming intensifies).
Both of them are from Victoria, and I don’t think this is a coincidence.
So yes, Operators are likely to find clues from their factions.

Forgot to mention that my May is at E2, yet she rarely gives me clue 2, most of them are clue 5. And this is not usual, she’s supposed to give clue 2. There are too many mysteries around clue search value.

I also noticed I’m getting a lot more clue 5s once I got May (e0). I’d also be willing to join in on submitting data if anyone wants to compile it.

So this is 1 week of clue searching alternating Platinum and Meteorite with some of the clue speed operators.

6 - Rope, Platinum (Sunday)
7 - Rope, Platinum (Sunday)
7 - Meteorite, May (Monday)
7 - Meteorite, May (Monday)
4 - Meteorite, Red (Monday)
2 - Red, Platinum (Tuesday)
7 - Red, Platinum (Tuesday)
5 - Platinum, May (Tuesday)
6 - May, Meteorite (Wednesday)
4 - May, Meteorite (Wednesday)
6 - Meteortie, Red (Wednesday)
7 - Platinum, Gitano (Thursday)
5 - Platinum, Gitano (Thursday)
5 - Platinum, Gitano (Thursday)
6 - Meteorite, Rope (Friday)
4 - Meteorite, Rope (Friday)
1 - Meteorite, Rope (Friday)
6 - Platinum, May (Saturday)
1 - Platinum, May (Saturday)
6. Platinum, May (Saturday)
3. Rope, Meteorite (Sunday)

21 total. C1x2, , C2x1, C3x1, C4x3, C5x3, C6x6, C7x5.
Meteorite - 7,7,4,6,4,6,6,4,1,3. - C4x3, C6x3, C7x2, C3x1, C1x1.
Platinum: 6,7,2,7,5, 7,5,5,6,1,6 - C5x3, C6x3, C7x3, C2x1, C1x1.

So this matches my theory that Meteorite favours clue 4 and Platinum favours clue 5. Still lots of 6’s and 7’s though, and surprisingly very few 1,2,3’s.
You do lose a lot of clues by not using the 20% bonus operators though.
And I’m not sure if it’s possible to just switch them in and out just before the clue is given.

This week I’ll try alternating Gitano and Red who have my highest search speeds.

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I didn’t change any of the ops I would normally be putting in, so Gitano is most of them.

May & 12F - 3
Gitano & Rope - 1
Gitano & 12F - 6
Gitano & May - 6
Gitano & May - 7
Gitano & 12F - 6
Gitano & May - 6
Gitano & May - 4
Gitano & Rope - 1
Gitano & May - 6
Gitano & May - 2
Gitano & 12 F - 6
Gitano & May - 6
Gitano & May - 5
Gitano & Rope - 5
Gitano & 12F - 7
May & Rope - 1
May & Rope - 3
Gitano & 12F - 1
Gitano & 12F - 2
May & Rope - 2

as of 6/14 4:00 PM

Gitano (E1): 1: x3, 2: x2, 4: x1, 5: x2, 6: x7, 7: x2
May (E0): 1: x1, 2: x3 3: x2, 4: x1, 5: x1 6: x4, 7: x1
Rope (E0): 1: x3, 3: x2, 5: x1
12F (E0): 1: x1, 2: x1, 3: x1, 6: x3, 7: x1

I’ll add more later on, maybe try what happens if I don’t use Gitano. So far, she seems heavily biased towards clue 6. Maybe without her it’ll change

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Here’s another week of mine.

It worked out to about 3 extra clues using two clue speed operators instead of just one.

6 Rope/Gitano (Sunday)
7 Gitano/Red (Sunday)
2 Gitano/Red (Sunday)
5 Gitano/Red (Monday)
5 Red/May (Monday)
5 May/Gitano (Monday)
2 Gitano/Red (Tuesday)
1 Gitano/Red (Tuesday)
3 Red/Shirayuki (Tuesday)
3 Shirayuki/Gitano (Tuesday)
7 Shirayuki/Gitano (Wednesday)
2 Shirayuki/Gitano (Wednesday)
7 Gitano/Red (Wednesday)
4 Red/Rope (Thursday)
6 Red/Rope (Thursday)
6 Gitano/May (Thursday)
3 May/Red (Friday)
4 May/Red (Friday)
3 Red/Gitano (Friday)
5 Red/Gitano (Friday)
1 Gitano/May (Saturday)
7 Gitano/May (Saturday)
5 May/Red (Saturday)
2 Red/Gitano (Sunday)
4 Red/Gitano (Sunday)
25 total: 1: x2, 2: x4, 3: x4, 4: x3, 5: x5, 6: x3, 7: x4.

Gitano(E1) 1: x2, 2: x4, 3: x2, 4: x1, 5: x4, 6: x2, 7: x5 - Total - 20
Red(E2) 1: 1: x1, 2: x4, 3: x3, 4: x4, 5: x2, 6: x2, 7: x3 - Total - 19
Rope(E0): 1: x1, 3: x1, 4: x2, 6: x4, 7: x1 - Total - 9
Shirayuki(E1): 2: x1, 3: x2, 7: x1 - Total - 4
May(E0): 1: x2, 3: x1, 4: x2, 5: x3, 6: x4, 7: x3 - Total - 15
Platinum(E1): 1: x1, 2: x1, 5: x3, 6: x3, 7: x3 - Total - 11
Meteorite(E0): 1: x1, 3: x1, 4: x3, 6: x3, 7: x2 - Total - 10
(combined totals with first week)

So I made a little spreadsheet that can total everything up if you feel like using it and put in both of our numbers so far, just add in the number of the clue you got onto the bottom of that operator’s column. Feel free to mess with it if you want, I’ve got the formulas in but I don’t have a good sense for design, so if you can make it better go for it.

If would be better if we could set something up like they have for the recruitment tags submission, but I don’t really know how that works.

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Oh, well done!

I’ll continue to keep track and add my results at the end of each week. Maybe it we keep it up for a month or two, patterns might start to emerge.

@Dazz_Antoni Hey, I can’t edit the spreadsheet anymore, can you make it public access, or accept my request :slight_smile:

nvm, it’s working again now.

Hi folks!
Big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. It’s about a month since we started collecting data and we are starting to see some results–and as of right now we’ve collected 441 data points, which is enough to reasonably be able to call this a statistical data set. Please keep contributing as much as you can so we can get more accurate data, but for those interested here’s some of the current takeaways as of right now:

Overall, clues 3 and 7 are the most common with a complete tie of 17.01% each of clues received. Unsurprisingly Clue 5 is the least common with 10.88%, a little under 2/3 the rate of the most common clues.
Projekt Red appears to get clue 3 almost twice as often as average at 29.73% compared to average 17.01%
12 F seems biased towards Clue 6, getting them 23.53% of the time compared to the average 15.65% (just over 50% more than average)
Firewatch gets the more rare Clue 4 over twice as often as average, at 28.57% compared to the average 13.15%. However, she also gets the super-common Clue 7 more often than usual, at 25.00% compared to average 17.01%.

That said, right now Gitano and Rope together account for a full half of our data, so the average is quite heavily skewed towards them (and probably is a lot of the two of them together). I’m a little surprised 12 F wasn’t part of that, to be honest.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make our study better? Right now it’s pretty open in order to get as much data as possible, but should we be making things a little more specific? Or if anyone’s a little better than me with spreadsheets, feel free to make something that’s more user-friendly and let us know.

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I don’t know if you can use my data but i will reset my file.
clue operators
1 zima + gitano
4x zima + angelina
zima + istina
gitano + jessica
rope +jessica
2x angelina+zima
2x zima+jessica

7x angelina+zima
2x jessica+zima
2x zima+istina

angelina +zima
2x istina +zima
2x jessica+zima
2x jessica+mai

2x istina+zima

3x angelina+zima

Yup, we can definitely use your data. I just need to check first:
Are your Istina and/or Angelina E2d? Since that would give them the trait for boosting specific clues we’re putting them on a second sheet.
Also, by Mai do you mean May? And if so has she been promoted at all?

Istina E1
Angelina E2
Zima E2
Jessica E1
Gitano E1
mai E0
rope E1

Thanks a bunch! All your data is in now.

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Hey , look at this article on Gamepress, they explain many things :slight_smile:.

But your spreadsheet could always be useful.