Does Gero Taunt + Guts end the enemy Turn?

I know that the guts ends the Enemy Turn if the Servant is the last standing one.

Does Guts + taunt also end turn for the enemy?

Only if the character with taunt dies in the first enemy action.

If the enemy kills george with 1 attack, their turn ends. If the enemy uses a skill and then attacks, the turn continues.

Although this is a bit inconsistent, for example Suzuka in last year’s Nerofest would just keep attacking regardless, unless the character was the last standing.

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I think Bride this year might be similar to Suzuka, but I haven’t been paying attention on if she used a skill beforehand and then killed George. I didn’t realize this about Taunt till now.

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Yeah, and it only applied to Bride. Billy didn’t attack anyone else after George died.

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