Does Heroes feel... Stale lately?

It just sort of feels like there’s nothing really going on, maybe it’s just that the anniversary stuff is over.


Audino, feels the same as ever :thinking:

Same old daily routine for me, doesn’t get old. I’ll admit that it usually gets done quick and I do other stuff when finished though. There’s always some slow periods.


For me it is because I did all of the chain challenges and my weekly arena.


Heroes has felt stale for a while, actually, at least for me.

PvE modes are always easy except for Abyssals.

IS still has no concept of what true difficulty is - stat inflation and obscene levels of reinforcements has always been there way of doing things.

Arena scoring is still trash.

Powercreep comes in droves because they have no idea how to release it in moderation anymore.

Mjolnir Strike encourages merged Mythics of all units for scoring.

Most events are extremely lackluster. Always the same thing: Tempest Trials/Forging Bonds for every holiday. Nothing interesting happens.

Friends List is still… Existent. You can use their lead units in battle but that’s it. There’s no other interaction.

At this point I’m just playing so I can merge Ross and so I can fill my Mail with Daily Login Orbs.

Intelligent Systems has absolutely no idea of how to run this game, at least in a way that doesn’t depict them in a way of blood-thirsty vampires, and it’s beginning to take its toll on my patience.


I mean, yeah that’s how you make turn-based strategy’s difficult

It wont feel stale until I have every hero I want at max merges and flowers. And every hero I want hasn’t been released yet.

The real problem is that the feh story is an absolutely terrible one so there isn’t really that much to look forward to.


That’s not the only way of making a game difficult.

They have released larger maps for modes like Grand Conquest. They can easily set up some harder bosses in those maps with some already set enemies to make it seem like an actual thought out mode. Give the enemy a custom build that makes them difficult to take down but not impossible (like the skills they used for some of the unkillable enemies in story mode). Make the players think about how they want to proceed without trying to inflate the enemy’s stats to the heavens to see if the healer can have more HP than the armored Axe unit.

Hell, they could’ve made the atrocious Lost Lore mode like this.

Set up some maps that look similar to the one from the older games and have the player use set characters to clear the map. Make it much more interactive for obtaining bits and pieces of the story rather than… What we have now.


That’s basically all “difficulty settings” actually are most of the time. RPG’s catch a lot more flack for it since you-the player-get to see the actual numbers the game is using, and therefore get to see that “all they did was inflate the stats”; but that’s what 99% of games do. Just add in more enemies, crank their stats up, depending on the game maybe we’ll also nerf the player’s stats… Ok, we’ll call this one “hard mode”. Look at all the difficulty settings in past FE games. What do you think was making all of those modes “harder”

Yes, lots of games do it, but the difference between a lot of other games and Heroes is that many of the other games that do it have more going for them.

Base Fire Emblem games also had things like fog to conceal where the enemies are (like in Sacred Stones for instance) to make the map difficult. Not only that, but there was more to look forward to in the game (not just Fire Emblem games) to where the stat inflation wasn’t such a glaring problem. Good story, good character interaction, good customization. And the games that didn’t do it actually tried to think about ways to make the mode different in terms of difficulty: lava pits you can fall in to, wind currents that push your characters back, immunity to certain obvious strategies, etc.

Heroes, on the other hand, has an arguably terrible story, not-really-interesting character interaction, let alone characters in general (looking at you Gunnthra, as well as a few others).

So yes, do many games do the stat inflation for difficulty? Yes, but that’s not all they do, at least many of the ones I have played.




Lol, I was tempted to cross out “arguably”.:fgo_rinlaugh:


I think the game is due for a new permanent game mode. Mjolnir’s Strike was introduced like it was a new game mode with like 20 minutes of FEH Channel time dedicated to describing it, but it turned out to only be a periodic event that recycled the importance of Mythic heroes. It’s over with and done in a single battle each time, too. So, not really anything refreshing in a while.


That is a death trap. For difficulty to feel fun, it has to feel fair. Giving the enemy a bunch of skills you the player could never have does NOT feel fair, and its general principle has created much fan outrage in other games. TCG characters having OP cards you can’t get, enemies getting skills that don’t exist or make them immune to damage, surprise ambushes you couldn’t possibly have accounted for; these create far more angry players than just tacking on 10 more hp

Giving the enemy boss a skill that, for example, reduces the damage taken from out of combat skills (AoE Special, Savage Blow, Pain+, etc) is not broken and it makes the player think about how to clear a mode rather than just sending in Ophelia, or any other AoE unit, and clearing the map in an instant.

Making a skill that lets the boss move an extra space whenever they kill an enemy is not broken. That gives the player a reason to try their hardest to keep their allies alive, but doesn’t discourage using allies as pawns and sacrificial pieces like many other modes do (Squad Assault for instance).

Making a skill that lets the boss charge their long Special by 1 for every minion defeated is not broken. Do you want to take the boss out as soon as possible, or do you want to get rid of all of their minions first, but risk getting blasted by Specials?

That’s what I mean by custom skills. Not skills that make them invincible, but custom skills for the boss in the sense that those said invincibility skills were.

If people really have a problem with harder PvE maps in a game with extremely easy content then…


Nah it doesn’t feel stale to me. Maybe we’ve just been spoilt with anniversary stuff. But with Rokkr (my favourite event) rolling around again I’m having a lot of fun. And I’ve got tons of merge projects to do which is fun too.