Does Mana Loading makes Super Kscope redundant for SSR servants?

I mean, for SSR servants, just the first copy + bond lvl 6 is enough to unlock Mana Loading. So for this servants, just a regular Kscope is enough to instant NP once Mana Loading is unlocked and maxed. Still a MLB Kaleido can be leveled to 100, which gives it more attack. But is still worthy the difference between lvl 80 and lvl 100, considering that the extra 20% NP bar is wasted? Or should be better to keep Kaleido at lvl 80 + extra copies? IE: MLB Kaleido + 1 Lvl 20 Kaleido vs Lvl80 Kaleido + Lvl40 Kaleido/2 lvl 20 Kaleidos.

Personally I dont feel like I need two 80% NP CEs, I have two kaleidos and I think that I never used both at the same time (Im considering just LB to lvl 40 one of them for this reason). So maybe I would still lvl Kaleido to 100 if I feel that more attack would be better than an extra 80% NP CE.

For SRs, in the other hand, is harder to unlock Mana Load since they get less coins than SSRs. But still, most of the farming SRs requires NP+ to be optimal, and an NP3 SR from Gen Pool also can unlock Mana Load at Bond 6.

There is also the issue with leveling Mana Load… it isnt cheap and in some cases requires materials from LBs that arent even released in NA yet. So for people that already has an MLB Kaleido, its going to still be usefull for a long time. In my case, with only two Kaleidos, I think that is probably that by the time that I get the 5th copy (if I ever get it), I would already have Mana Load ready in the servants that I want to be able to Instant NP.

So what do you think?

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The news said that we’re getting 4 mats early, like fairy bottles, and that one flaming thing from Heien Kyo.
You may want to read the news because I can literally see (Given I have Okitan NP6), that it is useful.

As an owner of a Superscope, an MLB Scope and a non MLB Scope, I’m just going to make it work, because I’m not wasting my effort spent to get that first one to lvl 100. And besides, it may be redundant, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t work anyway. And I’m sure happy that there’s redundancies just in case, since you won’t have to metaphorically throw more charge at someone than you have to.


Non-MLB scope has a serious ATK disadvantage vs. the base copy. It would be more accurate to say that superscope makes Mana Loading redundant for some situations.

Mana Loading will increase flexibility for many teams built around limited or no starting charge CEs, not simply patch the gap for players not yet fortunate enough to have MLB scopes.


Cough LOTTOS! Cough


Because I have 1 mlb kscope but no additional copies, my mana loading focus will not be on anyone who doesn’t have a battery at all. Instead I will focus on servants with <50% batteries so that they can reach 100% with a 50% charge ce without external charging, plus paracelsus and sanzang who can get to 100% regardless of CE.

If I didn’t have mlb kscope, you can bet that I would be passing out a lot more mana loadings on anyone I wanted to farm with just kscope. One exception is zerkalot who I usually use with KoM (60% charge and quick up). Mana loading will give greater flexibility in my waver/skadi/bride support and save more charge for later when facing beefier mobs and otherwise would just miss the loop threshold.

However for servants that I typically use in event farming with full event CEs that usually don’t have any starting gauge, that mana loading can certainly make it easier to fill up manually for a w3 nuke.


I wouldn’t say it makes superscope redundant since you can’t level everyone’s mana loading to lvl10, but I am sure the intention is to make life easier for players without mlb scope.

Besides we are going to be talking about 6 slotting everything after castoria anyway, so mlb or no mlb makes little difference


I mean superscope still gives you 2000 ATK which is significantly more than a L20 scope can give


yeah %120 charge is useless but gives bigger atk.


I’m not grinding a bunch of mana loadings, I’ll just use an MLB scope… If I had one.


No because a maxed kscope has 2k attack to lv20 kscope’s 700ish, and you have to invest in mana loading on every servant you want kscope on.

Even with ML on every target Servant if you just want to start at 100 gauge you still miss out on the extra attack.

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Related question, does mana loading carryover between copies of the same servant? Thinking about something like a lvl1 gong that you just plug in to launch a support, do I need to level up manal loading for each gong?

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It’s the same as skills, so you’ll need to unlock and level them twice


good to know. so ya another instance where mlb scope would reduce the resources needed for some specific comps :fgo_jeannecheer:


Well, reading all the comments, it seems that in my case I wont be using even normal Kscope anymore for the servants with Mana Loading. The ones that I want to have it are going to be better with other CEs in most cases, because If they start with 100% charge, I would be wasting NP charge tied to skills with another effect that I would want to have active since T1.

Rapid Casting for turn one 200% lets gooooo

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I think once you spend the coins for the unlock, it will apply to any copy of the same servant (so every new copy you get will have the Lv. 1 append skill), but further skill leveling is only done individually like with active skills. And if you’re talking about a regular Kscope, the Lv. 1 Gong won’t need the append skill leveled since it’s 10% Mana Loading Lv. 1 + 10% on his S2.

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Well the question is pretty much answered but to add more perspective:

Using a super scope vs a regular scope is similar to using a silver fowed unit vs a non foued unit. You feel the difference in both carding and NP dammage and the difference increases with thenammiunt of buffs you use on said unit. This is what makes pure attack stat CEs so good.

This is also the reason why many people on JP consider an MLB BG to be just as good if not more desirable than a MLB kscope. Although this is also tied to how easy it is to loop now with oberon koyanchihuahua end castoria.

Generally speaking, mana loading helps tremendously to fire NPs quickly and diminishes the gap between normal kscope and a superscope.

As far as farming goes, mana loading will help a lot and unlock many more comps. However arts will now replace quick as the most efficient card type for farning and arts does not need kscopes anymore.

Quick benefits the most from 100% charge during farming, specially zerkerlot and Dantes. Which allows you to bump dammage in wave 2 or 3 with a mystic code in order to 3T. Howcever you might still need higher NP levels to make sure you get the overkill or just the kill on certain nodes. Quick is still a premium 3T farming setup compare to arts.

It certainly helps a lot and since ML is easier to get than a supercope i no longer feel like i need to have my own so much now. On some account it’s just impossible to get that many kscopes so this is a way to fix that.

That said, if i had one i’d keep using it… 2k atk isn’t a joke.

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It’s hard to say that superscope is redundant when the alternative you’re considering is non-MLB kscope. They both cost the same in a party, so if you have them both you’d still bring the superscope for the higher atk stat. If you don’t have a superscope, you can’t exactly roll for it either since there’s not a single banner where it’s on rate-up.

Granted, with mana loading available and Castoria coming in a few months, the gap between non-MLB kscope and a maxed superscope wouldn’t be as game-changing as it is in the current Skadi farming meta, where superscope enables quite a few more comps than a non-MLB kscope.

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