Does melt work better with caster gil or sherlock?

So I just got caster gil and I want to know if I should level his abilities as they might help her however sherlock also takes caster gems so I am wondering who to level. Ideas?

Uh, well, Melt is a Quick oriented servant with one Arts card. Caster Gilgamesh is primarily an AoE DPS or Arts support, so my vote would be for Sherlock here.

Thing is, Sherlock also generally fits best in Arts teams. I wouldn’t say either are ideal pairings for her, but since Sherlock can buff her crits and Melt Virus wont affect him (due to Elementary, My Dear not dealing damage), he receives the less demerits.


Ty so much! Unfortunately I rely of friends because I for some reason have terrible luck and cant get a Wu or Waver and alex is a star hog.

Yeah, it’s a bit unfortunate but until Skadi comes out, Quick servants really aren’t going to hit their stride in terms of general team compositions.

Wu is actually getting a rate up right about now with the new Halloween banner. I’m not sure what your SQ situation is like, but that might be something to consider! She will also have synergy with Melt being an Alter Ego, and down the road she gets a sizable NP upgrade.

Time to farm singularities as I may or may not have attempted to gain Raikou and failed. I hate drop rates some times I never get things I actually want :frowning:

Ah, yes. The gacha is eternally punishing. The baddest of civilization. :fgo_deadinside:


The most powerful boss in the game right there. :sob::sob:

Yeah, gatcha is the end boss that we cannot defeat. Unless we whale hundreds of dollars.


If those are your only options, Melt works better with Holmes than Gil.
However Holmes and Gil probably work better together than with Melt. Holmes and Gil are a solid arts-crit core that can with with another support/semi-support with Holmes as the DPS or to support someone like Saberlot. I’d recommend you try Saberlot, BB or even Nursery Rhyme with them if you can.


She can work with both—Melt has 2 (good) arts cards, after all. And Sherlock has 2 quicks.

Sherlock is probably a better partner just for the pierce def/invuln utility on his NP—then you can have Melt’s NP remove buffs while not wasting any damage.

Not sure I’d bring CasGil for this, but maybe Merlin with a 2030? Workable replacement until Skadi comes.

Only one card

In before I could correct my own mistake :upside_down_face:

Regardless, Sherlock (who doesn’t really rely on Arts chains) still makes a good partner.

Ty everyone I’ve decided on sherlock as he can also be one badass solo servant and he was kinda the only reason I beat assassin of paradiso. THANK YOU for your input as tbh caster gil has amazing “assets” that would be helpful but in the end I worked my butt off for sherlock he deserves to fight alongside best girl :grin::grin: