Does Siegfried still deserve his bad rep after both strengthening quests?

Sieg has quite the rep for being one of the weakest Sabers of his rarity, due to his rather low atk.
I wonder if that’s differend after both his strengthening quests.

The first one basicly makes his third skill a mana burst on the same level as Altria has. And that’s beside the still active anti-dragon effect.

And with that is the stronger NP, now with a second golden rule effect on it. Together with his 2 arts and normal golden rule effect he’s fine at charging, and even better at recharging his NP.

Lastly he still has his high hp + healing skill. He’s no full tank without hard def, but he’s still pretty hard to take down.

There’s still the problem of his low atk, he can’t reach the raw damage of sabers like Altria Alter or Lancelot.
So the real question is, how much does this hold him back?

For a while in JP, Siegfried was rated very highly because of his meme potential with Saint George. With both of his strengthening quests, they actually became a very powerful duo until the quick meta made everything else uncool :(

He’s pretty good. Still really strong when dealing with dragons of any class, and just about the best unit in the game when against dragon lancers.
Being able to charge his NP more frequently makes up a bit for his low base ATK. Because of that, he benefits enormously from extra NP levels.

Outside that, his combination of high ranking Disengage and possible NP gain stacking make him quite remarkable in challenge quests, though he still needs some support to survive enemy NPs.

I think he’s all around very good, on par with most AoE sabers for daily stuff, despite his low ATK; while he shows much more promise on harder content.

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In JP loltier lists, he’s ranked now kinda hight, AOE NP+big spammability potential (Golden Rule, NP built up NP gain, bond CE) means that against 2 or more bosses with multi-bar break he’s a safe bet for those who don’t have Miss Used to Be 3.5 (lol).

Yes, his dmg, even after Mana Burst and NP interlude is still lacking, since he is the 2nd weakish gold saber attack (sans Lily), but you can allways Merlin/Nightingale/Leonidas/Shakespeare/Penth things up. And/or Georgius meme comp.

Plus, agaisnt farming nodes with bosses Kiyolancer, Kiyozerc, Laltria, Lalter and LancerLiz, he absolutely destroys.