Does the Dodge Glitch make raids fair?


Preamble for clarification: I personally do not like the Dodge Glitch. It’s counterintuitive that dodging at the right moment to mitigate fatal damage not only bugs the app and imposes glitchy constraints, but still results in your Pokémon being wiped. Allowing players to be rewarded for fast reactions would arguably make raids more engaging.

The controversial point I wish to make is that, if the Dodge Glitch were removed, raids would become easier to the extent of triviality.

Using the most recent Dialga as an example, currently you would ideally have a full team of 6 Machamp, all high level, all with C/DP. Each Machamp on average fires off a single DP before getting wiped by Draco Meteor (in most cases, trying to dodge DM will activate the Dodge Glitch). You spam Max Revives on your team and rejoin the fight. Another 1-3 Machamp kick the bucket before you take Dialga down. This means (assuming DM isn’t fired off while you revive) that Dialga launched DM 7-9 times before its defeat.

In a scenario where there’s no dodge glitch, your strongest Machamps get to stay in the ring longer and use DP more than once. 75% damage reduction means each Machamp takes roughly 3 DMs before fainting, assuming you execute each dodge in the right window. If Dialga still only launches DM 7-9 times, you only end up reviving 3 Machamp at the end of the raid. Your DPS is likely higher too, because the fight only required your top three fighters, as opposed to your three next best fighters.

If the Dodge Glitch were removed, players in decent sized groups can get away with only investing in 3-4 counters as opposed to a full team… and can therefore focus on maxing these counters, rather than distribute resources across six or more. Less resources are consumed after each raid, meaning some players will likely be restricted simply by whether or not they have premium passes to spare.

While I still believe the dodge glitch is unhealthy for the game and should be removed, I also feel this change would need to come alongside some sort of buff to raid bosses (even if it’s simply a stat inflation). Otherwise, the novelty and challenge that comes with the requirement to fight with a full party of 6 is lost to most players, save those looking to attempt duo or solo challenges.

There’s way more to cover (and more thoughts to consider) than reasonable to cover in a single post. I’m interested to hear on the community’s thoughts regarding the state of raiding should the dodge glitch be removed.


Dodging has a fairly tight window of success, compounded by a couple points:

  • Personal skill level - someone may not be able to react quick enough to dodge successfully, or be locked into a charge move. Draco Meteor in particular has a pretty long cast time making it an easy dodge, but Iron Head and Thunder are much tighter windows.
  • Device lag - Not everyone has the latest and greatest smartphone and may face stutters or lag causing them to miss the dodge window.
  • Laziness/lack of knowledge - Even if they do fix it the average player may still not dodge, either by not caring enough to dodge or simply not knowing how. It’s not something mentioned in general discussion beyond that it’s broken still and I don’t recall seeing it mentioned in-game.

I don’t think the dodge glitch makes raids fair, I think people have just learned to play around it.


The Dodge glitch sucks no way around it.
Niantic should’ve fixed it long ago.


Okay, WHATEVER Niantic has to do to remove the Dodge Glitch, I am down for.

The dodge glitch is pathetic and ridiculous. The only thing more sad than the fact it exists, is the fact that it has existed for a long time, and has never been even briefly addressed or acknowledged by Niantic. By far, this is the worst representation of the game Niantic has currently, and should be removed just for the sake of having a fully functional game.


For a while it actually used to be listed on the Go Live website under their known problems page and was marked as “in progress”. Some time ago they revamped it and now only list major bugs/issues that have been resolved. It used to be addressed, but now it feels like it’s swept under the rug.


It definitely needs fixing, but I don’t think the impact on ease of completing the raid would be boosted that much - the biggest impact would be for experienced players, playing in an area with an excellent phone signal and using very fast phones.


I wouldn’t be surprised, but I also hope that wasn’t/isn’t Niantic’s solution.

It makes raids harder more so as a quality of life issue… so if it’s not addressed, well, the literal quality of raiding in Pokémon Go ceases to improve.


I feel that for many of the tier 5 raids, it often means I don’t attempt dodging at all since many of those Pokemon’s charge moves risk OHKOes on my Pokemon and hence any attempt to doge them would activate the Dodge glitch. It feels sad when dodging, which is potentially a measure of skill, can possibly be made a liability due to a glitch.

But I agree; it would make some, but not much, of an impact on ease of completing the raid.


The problem is I dont think they want PMG as a measure of skill.

Let’s say dodging damage was easier and people did more damage… What would be next? Another HP boost the same way they boosted HPs when people did more damage for increase in Super Effectiveness.

This would mean you are dodging to get the same effectiveness, while players less skilled or less dodge caring would actually get nerfed because they are dealing with Tier “6” bosses without getting extra dodge effectiveness


Especially for Dialga, i am dodging some Thunder and Iron Head duo in 1 acc and no dodge in another. It will be usefull o prevent me rejoining at the same time, as i am using battle parties against Dialga.
Never succeded in using max revive vs Dialga using 1 trainer 2 phones setup.
As for Draco Meteor one, it is another story, yes full max out Machamp can tank one DM provided it hit when Machamp hp is still pretty much full, but is difficult to determine whether Machamp will have enough HP or not
So yes, i hate this dodge glitch thing, not only for Dialga, but since a long time ago…


It just sounds a little like the silver lining of the storm cloud over the battle system, that is the dodge bug.

How about an alternative? It’s not a complete fix for dodges but eliminates the broken game play.

What if…?
Any attempt to dodge when the player has less HP than the max possible damage of their opponents attack, will guarantee a failed dodge - this would fix the game play issue immediately.
The flow on would be that we would be inclined to attempt a dodge with the confidence that we won’t incur a penalty (of unplayable) for attempting a more skilled battle.

Sure, this means dodging isn’t 100% fixed, but it would be an improvement until a more elegant solution is found.

Also, it wouldn’t impact on raid times too drastically, as fully fixed dodging might.


The reason for the last raid boss boss buff was because people were able to solo T4 raids after the effectiveness change. Since the main dodge bug everyone is talking about (i.e. not phantom hits and other issues that plague solo raiders) is observed much more commonly in multi-person raids I don’t see them needing to buff raid boss HP to compensate.

If they did, it would be under the assumption everyone would immediately play with a flawless dodging play style post fix, which I doubt would be the case.


I wanted to react something about the beginning of your post, but you did it yourself:

So, no, the dodge glitch does not make raids fair. If anything, it’s the other way around: raids are made easier because of the dodge glitch.


The dodge glitch is the main reason why one-bar moves are nearly useless for raids.


Math is the main reason one bars are nearly useless in raids