Does this guy have any hope?

Hi all,

Got a 100% lucky … pigeon. I remember people said it has pretty good flying DPS, not sure whether it’s still viable. And does this little guy have any hope to improve the move pool or have its own CD? Thanks very much!

Turn him into an unfezant and power him up, and he can join your honchcrows when Virizion returns.

Unfezant puts out very good flying-type DPS, which is why it was such an appealing choice for Virizion raids like @laomashushu mentioned.

The issue with Unfeazant and Flying-types in general is that they have a fairly limited niche. Flying is only super effective into Fighting, Grass, and Bug, and typically, other types will perform better in those scenarios. Against Fighting, Psychic is the top counter. Against Grass, you’re typically better off going with Fire or Ice. And against Bug, Fire and Rock both pull ahead.

So Unfeazant’s Flying-type DPS will be useful in some scenarios, and functions best when it’s patching a hole in your team. The only time when it really gets to shine is against something with a double weakness to Flying, such as Virizion.

As for a Community Day for Pidove, it seems unlikely given how it’s such a common spawn, but anything is possible at this point. That said, it would need a pretty overpowered move to perform better than the aforementioned competition.

TL;DR - it’s a cool bird that performs admirably (but not amazingly) in its own niche and functions better as a backup option rather than a go-to pick. I wouldn’t advise spending a bunch on it unless you feel you need it at some point.


Evolve but don’t power up yet. You can keep your dust for something else.

What is good about Unfeazant is that it is a budget pokemon that can do fine without investment. You catch a pidove at level 35 (NO MATTHER THE IV) evolve it and have a flying attacker that can pull its weight in a squad to anything weak to it.

Now, even a max hundo is not going to do as well as the current top of the pack (moltres, rayquaza, honchkrow, etc)

Yours is already a high level (can’t see in the picture) and pidove candy is very abundant so I would at least evolve it. Now rising it from lv30/35 to lv40 is a different matter, even for a lucky the dust cost is high.

As far as I can tell I only used my flying squad against Virizion. A duo was easy without maxed out stuff. I still have my rayquazas with flying moves because of it !!!

Use it for Virizion, thats the only place you’ll need Unfezant at

It is a level 28 :wink:

If you have the dust/candies evolve it and power it, if you can only spare the candies evolve it and later when you have more dust you can always power it.

It is not the most usefull for the moment but it is great to have.