Does ZAPDOS only have ONE FAST MOVE?

I feel like a total noob asking all these basic questions, but I guess that is because I kind of am…

Looking at Zapdos,

It appears that Zapdos only FAST MOVES are CHARGE BEAM and THUNDER SHOCK and TS appears to be legacy. So does that mean all (current) ZAPDOS have only Charge Beam and you cannot TM them into anything else?


No, if it has TS it stays TS, if it has Charge Beam it stays Charge Beam. You cannot actually TM away the moves.

All Zapdos obtained out of special events have Charge Beam.

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Thanks, that is what I was trying to ask, but my ignorance led me to say it wrong. I meant what you are saying - which is “I have charge beam, so I cannot TM it away, can I?” You answered my question. Thanks.

P.S. Coincidentally, I just messaged you… about something totally different.