Doing Arena Assault and

Something makes me think this is @RoyAhoy :thinking:
i just can’t quite place my finger on it


Yeah that is @RoyAhoy.


You found somebody from GP! :birbpeek:
I found MrShinyGyarados in AR once.


Hey bitch :wave:


It’s not RoyAhoy, it’s Matt! That’s the name of the player. :thinkinglikelukas:

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Definitely. Roy’s name is Matt.

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You know I wonder if anybody’s ever found me?

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I have the same curiosity too.


Depends, what’s your name? What’s your general tier? I doubt I’d remember, but the possibility exists.

Legit shocked that Roy allowed a non-twink onto his team

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I’m so jealous :sob:

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What up?
I have to do it for my points, forgive me

Helbindi was a bonus I don’t remember if it changed yet though

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Don’t be sorry, kill the twinks

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I mean, y’all can do a mock battle and pretend that you actually found someone on GP in AR lmao.

I don’t gain from your loss. Besides it’s an arena setup you better win


Name is Corey. My arena tier now is 19/20, was 17-18 until I started trying recently. My this is my arena core


(May have spd tactic in C)

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I mean you get like 500 feathers at the end of the arena season because defense wins, but nobody really cares about that

I thought that was only for Arena, not Arena Assault :thinking: