Done for a while

I’m leaving Gamepress for a while… Not gonna say why, because I’m super angry right now, but I feel I should take a long break.

If you want to friend me in FEH, nickname is now OwainHater.


Not to sound harsh, but this is very childish. I didn’t got H!L’Arachel today, and I have like 3 orbs. I’m angry? Yes. Sad? Yes. I’ll get her? Probably not. But this doesn’t mean that I hate the game. You can’t be angry with us, FEH or even Owain just because you can’t get him off focus. I had to wait months to get F!Berkut and Ophelia and almost two years to get Sonya. It was super hard, but I remained strong and in the end I won

I know that you really don’t like to be criticized so don’t take my words in the wrong way. Mine is more an advice, okay? Take a break if you feel that you need it, but stop to be angry without a reason. If you really want to feel better you have to understand that you won’t magically find Owain. You’ll get him when he’ll be in focus again. Or maybe next month IS will announce an alt for him and you’ll get him in that way.

Just… try to be strong. It’s pointless be so angry for a mobile game, especially since he’s not a seasonal unit so he’ll be forever available. You’ll get him


This again?


Watch, he’ll be no longer summonable, through normal means, because IS did this to a bunch of units, this year. They’ll do this next year to him. I can see it happening.

You know what else IS did? Put all the gen 1 units in weekly banners with higher summon rates


I’m sorry, but someone free summoned him on here, and I’m angry about it.

Is he Gen 2 or gen 3?? He came to FEH, right after Book 2 ended and Book 3 began.

Half GP got H!L’Arachel. What should I do? Hate them? Lol

Amber, I understand you, really, but this is not the solution. You can’t go on like this


That’s an incredibly childish reason to be acting like this.


Those units being put on their own banner was an amazing thing for them.

You know there will be a chance that he is in a 4% focus banner then? I personally don’t care for Owain but he is popular so he will be one day again in a focus banner. Just beeing angry because someone pulled him off focus and you didn’t is honestly really a bit childish. At least he is in the game and you have a chance to go for him when he comes back in the banner. I’m waiting for a long time now seeing Zihark in the game and probably still will because he isn’t nearly as famous as Owain.

I won’t stop you leaving from Gamepress, but the reason is…yeah it’s good you didn’t say the reason here, sorry but it’s embarrassing.


I mean when the brave banner rolled around I didn’t get any of them, just pity breakers I didn’t need. So when I saw that everyone else was getting the ones they wanted did I get mad at them? No. Sure I was annoyed but more at the game, not at other people. Hell, @SweetiePie got a +atk B!Alm this morning (something I’d love to have) but you don’t see me getting pouty at her.


I got Sonya thanks to the 4% banner, they were an awesome thing lol

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Are those weekly banners going to reappear though? Like once week 20 is done we go back to week 1 or is it over?

It’s just… You know how long I’ve been trying to free summon him!? Ever since he reappeared, on the Wrath banner, in May. About 5 months.

I’m hoping for Lucina on Sunday. Just a few more days, gotta stay strong

Not getting what you want is part of the game, honestly. The game would be boring if we all had all the meta units or all our waifus, the fun is using what you have. I may be sad the only halloween unit I got was a -atk +spd hector, but now I’ll be able to have fun making a memey high speed hector build, yknow

I think Those will be gone after week 20 is up.

Good luck! :larchsmile:

That’s your problem. You have too high expectations of getting a specific unit from a free summon

If you dropped tons of orbs, then this’d be different, but I mean you can’t fully expect to get someone from a free summon