Don't forget to complete all 17M downloads missions

One day remaining before the nodes to complete these missions disappear.


Hmmm…limited missions are done. Still fighting Zeus with a 0AP cost, the free nodes/quests…well…some day when I’m done with this lostbelt and the rerun event and get Scathach from the gacha, maybe? :fgo_scathachthink:

Btw tomorrow/later we get tickets to spend on nothing! :fgo_serenityay:


Um, good reminder. Haven’t even started Olympus yet. Should get to that soon. :fgo_bedicorn:

Edit: There’s time for this, but best now before forgetful strikes.


I spent a good five minutes wondering what the hurry was and then realized some of the missions ask us to complete the extra dailies.

Olympus Section 1 can wait, but those can’t.


It says any Training Grounds though? Pretty sure it’s not 17M Training Grounds/Ember/QP Gathering only? And the 8x one is 8 total missions cleared rather than 8 runs of 17M dailies.

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That’s what I had assumed, but it does say “17 mil etc. mission,” and those disappear today. I did them on my other account because I’m not willing to risk it.

I read it again, and it should be the way you describe, but I don’t completely trust it. Simpler just to do it because it takes like 3 minutes.

That tag is just the campaign name, like any other limited time quest.

Unless you want to tell me there’s a whole set of 17M Campaign Singularities? If so, do point me to my free SQ!

Don’t give me that sass. Look, for example, at the poor wording on the mission required for the CC, which implies that you can do a repeatable quest to satisfy it.

Yeah but [17M Downloads Campaign] is a tag just like [Atlantis Clear Campaign], and there’s no way they’re gonna have them up another 25 days and unclearable for that period.

Also we have the power of knowing how it worked on JP. Take the sass!

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I wasn’t talking about just the tag, and Ramen went and made me nervous. I saw 30 days and went, “Oh, no biggie,” and then I read it differently once I wondered what I was missing.

And I don’t care enough to ask people who did it on JP, because the campaign is already done for me.

TL;DR: Do the damned quests, everyone!

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Well im still in the middle of camelot, so goodbye 16 :fgo_rainbowapple: I guess :fgo_rindistress:


Wow…I’m slow. It’s like I got no motivation for this arc. I guess…no I’ll wait to judge it after I’m done with it.

Anyway 0AP campaign is over and I still haven’t completed Olympus arc. Good thing it’s weekend, I need to get done with it and start on the rerun event.

Got all the SQ and CC though. :fgo_kamasmug:

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