DON'T get hit - +10 L!Dimiri Unit Showcase (Ascended Asset)

Well he’s (mostly) finished and makes a good companion to my Shinon because they both kinda tear through mostly everyone. With his damage reduction, you’d be surprised at the hits he can take. And well, if you don’t kill him, you need to hope you’re a green unit with unholy amounts of DEF because you’re gonna disappear.

Asset - +SPD with +ATK Ascended Asset: Units are just getting faster so speed was a no brainer because he needs that damage reduction. And a pitied a Fjorm specifically to give him that +ATK ascended asset because he has a superboon in ATK and I lowkey regretted not going +ATK initially but now I don’t need to choose :slight_smile:

*Weapon - Areadbhar/Brave Lance+: His PRF gives him +5 to all stats, cooldown reduction AND damage reduction based on SPD? Broken. And Brave Lance on him is actually silly, I would bring this into Arena if I could because he’s killing almost anyone that he comes into contact with, there is VERY little that is withstanding 4 hits from him.

Assist - Reposition: Gotta throw dudes around.

Special - Galeforce/Moonbow/Blue Flame: Variety of specials for a variety of reasons. I actually need Ruptured Sky but I’ve pulled a grand total of one Byleth and I fed him to my N!Hana before I invested in this guy so welp…

Skill 1 - ATK/SPD Solo 4/Surge Sparrow: I do use DC occasionally but units are getting RIDICULOUSLY fast so I need to stack speed. Surge is there for extra stats and healing.

Skill 2 - Atrocity : WHO thought this skill was a good idea? So not only does he get 25% of his ATK if you have more than 50% but he’s also debuffing the unit by 5 to all stands AND inflicts cooldown reduction+1? Why? Anyway, I don’t remove this skill. Just can’t do it.

Skill 3 - ATK/SPD Menace/Odd Tempest: Menace was something I was debating because he debuffs units anyway but getting that early drop on units is quite clutch in addition to getting that extra 6 to ATK/SPD. Odd Tempest is just to hound down enemies that would usually be out of range. A staple for the Brave Lance build.

Seal: ATK/SPD Solo 3 - He’s usually solo anyway as I pair him with Shinon so might as well stack more ATK/SPD lol. I used to run SPD/RES Solo but its pointless. A truly terrifying mage is gonna kill him one way or the other.

But yeah, he rips into anything not extremely tanky Green and even then, they need to be careful. Don’t get HIT!

Friend ID is 8617111180


@TeaTime and @dimitrisnoodlehair


Beautiful, best 3H boi looking mighty stronk :feh_navarreculture:

I’d send a request but my FL is full sadly :feh_elisad:


Haha all good. STRONK he is (unless your name is Edelgard…)


That’s a beautiful L!Dimitri, congrats! :fgo_ereshwoah: Ascendant Florets were such a blessing for Dimitri alts that wanted both the spd boon and the atk superboon, lol.


Very much so. He immediately came to mind when they were announced. Well…him and Shinon so now I have a grand total of zero florets but I’m satisfied.