Don't read Sothis/Kronya's bio on "Meet some of the heroes" site!

Sothis and Kronya have been added to the site “Meet some of the heroes” but sadly Sharena does some spoilers about their role in 3H. While the spoiler about Sothis isn’t too bad, the spoiler about Kronya is really heavy so please, if you didn’t play 3H and you want to play it in future without being spoilered, DON’T read their bios.

Here the site if, instead, you want to read them:


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I read it, but it doesn’t seem too bad. But yeah, Spoilers are spoilers.

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The fact that she is one of the student spoil her role in the gam, no? I don’t know a lot about her, but I didn’t like this spoiler, now I know that I shouldn’t trust the npc students and my experience with the game will change

But yep, a spoiler is a spoiler, so we should warn everyone

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It’s actually quite surprising that IS is spoiling their most recent game that came out not that long ago.

I can see it being other things, like Black Knight and Zelgius being the same, as with Masked Marth and Lucina, but sheesh. Give your community a chance to actually play the game. :rofl:

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The funny thing is that her voice lines are very vague to avoid spoilers, and then they spoil her role on the site


WeWell Kronya has one role in the game, it’s seems strange that they spoil it, however they spoil Celica true identity before the game came out so it isn’t so strange

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I totally forgot about the Celica thing! Oh man, IS always find a way to surprise me

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Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve pinned it.


When you go into the Mythic Banner details, Sothis’ little card says that there is spoilers, but not on the site :thinking:

I didn’t notice it, it’s a nice detail

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I don’t have Three Houses or a switch so I don’t mind reading this

It’s a nice touch IS added.
Nice to know that they took the time to add that, considering that’s how most people get to the site. :birbpeek:

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Thanks for the warning.


Man, the only thing Kronya could possibly spoil is screentime, considering how little she gets of it before she gets strangled to death by Wrys the Librarian


Dammit, I wanted to Google auto translate it so I could get something as glorious as Noble Flowery Pantyhose and Guardian Of The Blue Eggplant Dimitri.

I didn’t even play Three Houses and played it before reading this… doesn’t feel awful.

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