Don't you just love it when this happens in HoF

One of the other unit’s was Mamori (who the +10 Ephraim couldn’t do shit to)… so you can just imagine how annoying she was to kill… but even after using Blazing Flame… (Tana even has Mirror Impact for the extra Res)


If I see her, F! Corrin or any of the absurd tank bloats, I just go challenge a low level map for a skill lol. Not worth the rage-inducing headache.


Well… we only have 2 more days so 6 more daily runs left and I’m still only on floor 20 I think, and I didn’t even look at who was on the map because it was only 3 people… so I was hoping it would have been FF.Corrin since she doesn’t have DC… but with a 50/50 I should have expected it to be F.Tiki

Oh shoot, yeah you’re a bit behind. Hope you’re able to pull it off with the few remaining days.

Yup, by far my moste hated HoF so far. This is ridiculous.
I have Hinoka every two map. With his advantage against all 4 of my units and a range that beats 3 of them… mmmmmmm I’m really having fun!!!
Got to floor 23.

And I get incredibly shitty slot proposals…


Adaptive damage


Yah that’s true… would have been nice if she would have had the option for Mystic Boost instead of Eirika


You’re almost to the end so good luck :+1:


Aye, this HOF was pretty rough for me. Could’ve been worse if I never found Summer Tana’s Guidance weapon which was clutch on every map with two armors that I CANT find armor march for.


If I see any of the fallen corrin (M and F), Fallen tiki and the huges cancerous unit like this, I also usually go on a lower map because I Know I won’t be able to beat them

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This was probably the worst HoF for me. The skill RNG was the worst at the very least. Innes literally just had a Slaying Hammer for most of it, even if he became decently strong at the very end. Tana had to carry almost every map.


So many Hinokas… it has been brutal for me as well in that regard. I think I’m on floor 22 with 1 torch left plus the remaining daily runs… ugh

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Isn’t it cool how HoF killed itself less than a year after it’s inception via internal powercreep?

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Isn’t it cool how despite that we still do not get a good set of units that can properly counter any of that


Yeah HoF is wack, but I haven’t spent any torches and just been doing daily runs so I’m sitting at I think 8.

I have been there, that is why i dont fight, bernandeta, FTiki or Fcorrin on Hall of fjorms.

stat stacking =/= good gameplay


F!Lyon with Tana and W!Eirika left… The more idiot-proof units IS makes the more I hate this mode…

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I almost decided to ignore floors 21-25 since there is no orbs to get from them.

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Add me to the group of people stuck at floor 20. Normally I have no problems and this round is proving to be the hardest. Getting garbage skills, then getting complete garbage maps with impossible to take down units. I keep getting staff units who keep healing their team members, then get met with units with Close Call / adaptive damage / armor effectiveness / bow unit / dancer. Eirika always manages to get snipped, Ephraim too. Just can’t catch a break. Then there’s days I get bad spawns for all 3 matches, so even if I skip and get more skills - not making progress either since I get garbage skills. Tana still doesn’t have an assist, Innes is lacking a special, Ephraim is lacking anything useful, Eirika is decent, but she doesn’t really deal any damage with wrathful/dazzle and she can’t move like anywhere.

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