Dorothy Roll Thread

Imagine complaining about Dorthy not coming then not rolling for her. :feh_eirikadisgust:

So here we are! If you ARE rolling for her, post your results here. :feh_sharenasmile:

As for me, I didn’t complain, so I’m not rolling for her. :th_sanae:


Thanks for making a thread!

40 rolls for 3 Greyy and final pot for Schwarz. I was supposed to pull just 20 times.


I did a ten-roll because my finger got itchy.

Some gold certs :ak_elysiumshrug:


Itchy fingers got me to make 4 10-pulls. With me not getting any 6 stars, let’s just say I made an advance on the Mlynar banner. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come til after Texas as this is me dipping into my Texas funds already. More fingers crossed I don’t need pity for Texas, as I’ve lost my 300 projected pulls after getting itchy fingers here.


so i rolled the standard banner with saga in it.

spent about 50~60 pulls

at this point im expecting the game to glitch out when i try to buy saga from cert shop in the future and then the game will be all like “oops looks like there was a data error and ur still saga-less :ak_laughinglappy:


Not only did I max pot her (was really only going for 5/6 but got two at once right at the end) I went for M6. Would M9 but I don’t really think I’d get much out of S1. Someday, maybe. This is coming from someone who has a max pot M9 Carnelian though, I always stand by my waifus.


I just got her this morning after 30~ pulls. I cannot E2 her yet since I don’t have the materials, but damn I am glad it didn’t take a lot to get her because I want Penance in the next limited banner.