Dossoles shop priority

What the title says. I still haven’t reached 2 weeks of playing arknights but I have experience with other gacha games. With that in mind I’m aware (or at least think AK is no different in this regard) that some “materials” or resources are much rarer than others, are very important for development milestones, or are required in particularly large quantities.

With that in mind, since I still dunno how important or difficult to get everything in the shop is, I decided to ask to more experienced players here.

If it helps I’m currently at 2-1 in the main story.
Thanks in advance!


Buy out the left most section first. The one with Tequila’s tokens, including the furniture. That section contains the most valuable things in the shop, and yes I’m including the furniture in that statement. That’s because if and when we get a rerun of the event, buying the furniture a second time will give you Intelligence Certs instead, which is used in one section of the Store where you can buy a variety of things, including Orundum.

Then from the second section, buy out the three mats. Since you’re new, you’ll definitely benefit from buying the LMD and EXP as well to help you level up your Ops. As for the skillbooks, you can buy them or leave them if you want. They’re not that hard to farm but the blue ones are needed by the dozens much later once you start giving masteries to your skills.

The third section are the low tier mats. Unless you need them right at this moment I suggest leaving it alone (but maybe buy the Specialist chips cause farming chips can get really annoying). Everything else there is easy to farm and you’ll eventually get a huge stockpile of them without even trying.

For the fourth section, if you find yourself with currency to spare, focus on the first three mats on the left (Oriron Cluster, Orirock Cluster, and Manganese Ore). This will save you a lot of farming headaches later on. Between the three, I’d say stock up more on Manganese (since you cannot craft this in the workshop) followed by the Orirock Clusters. Rocks are the mats that’s needed by almost everyone and everything in this game so you definitely want lots of them. They can be crafted up from the lower tier rocks so they’re at least easier to obtain than Manganese.



  1. The Elite Mats (those with less than 5 amounts)
  2. The Upper Tier Mats (More than 5 amounts yet less than 10) (interchangeable with number 3 depending on your wishes)
  3. Tequila tokens and Free Tickets (interchangeable with number 2)
  4. Furnitures
  5. LMD and EXP and Skill cards
  6. Class Chips (saves you a lot of time)
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I will throw a curve ball, and say that clearing your weekly Annihilation rewards takes priority to much of the shop. Materials can be farmed anytime, but Orundum is gained slowly.

I’ve been ignoring it ever since I unlocked it because it seemed like something that I’m not yet ready to take on.

It’s possible to get all of the weekly orundum in one day (even if you’re running Chernobog and your limit is 1800 and you only manage to kill 300 every run) and events never end on a Sunday. Yes, it’s important to do but remember that you’ll clear more of an event shop if you do your annihilation a day after the event ends!

Of course, make sure to also do it within the weeks of an event, but it’s much less of a priority right before an event ends.

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Annihilation may seem like a big hurdle, but you’re missing out on 2+ extra headhunting pulls each week (The most important resource). I admit farming Annihilation maps is a huge weekly time sink, but otherwise very profitable.

What follows is a guide I seem to have been itching to write into words:

The stages start out easy, and you only need 100 kills to start farming your weekly orundum. Anything after that is just to save time and require less clicks from you. The easiest Annihilation map Chernobog needs to be restarted ~20 times with 100 kills, or ~5 times with 400 kills, to cap weekly 1200 orundum (Every 50 kills it takes less restarts).

The stages may seem to cost a lot of sanity to start, but you are actually refunded a proportionate amount of sanity if you drop out halfway through. You get the rewards and can save the auto-deploy even if you lost or exited the stage prematurely. Then next time you feel like it, assume control and aim for 50 more kills next time to speed up the process.

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