Double Skadi DPS option?

As the title suggest, I want to know about any dps that works great in DSS. In my case I have 2 question:

  • Since I have NP2 Dantes (I hope I got 3rd copy in summer), do I need other AoE quick, especially those looper? I don’t have MLB Kscope, it’s kinda hard to try another servant in DSS, especially those who is in lower DSS tier.

  • Gamepress and many source already make list of AoE Quick that works best with Skadi, but how about ST Quick? How many ST that is strong or able to looping in DSS?

ST NPs benefit a good deal if for nothing else but the sheer damage boost. On JP I’ve pulled off some looping with Saber Astolfo, though it’s a bit reliant on card RNG. Paris does pretty well on there but I don’t remember spectacular refunds.
But anyway, you’re wasting Skadi’s potential if you only use her for farming. She’s a solid choice for tougher content, I’ve gotten really far in the story with her as a primary supporter.


It’s pretty much the same rules, any quick servant that has an np that hits multiple times becomes loopable with Skadi. I can’t think of that many off the top of my head but Meltrylis works really well and I have her at np 2.

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Honestly NP2 Dantes is all you need for DSS farming, anything above that is for the occasional beefy boss or trying to strong arm a CQ. Even without MLB scope you should be able to loop using Dantes using the mages association MC, the Babylonia MC works as well (granted it has to be max level). Dantes is the best Skadi looper/farmer around, you don’t really “need” anyone else.
As for ST, many(if not most) ST quick servants work well with Skadi. Jack, Kinbro, Okita, Scathach, Melt, Malter, etc. If for nothing else these servants benefit from the huge damage boost Skadi provides, especially two Skadis.

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From the top of my head. Atalante,Parvati,Valkyrie have no difficulty with looping. Marie Antoinette can also be used to loop at casters without leveling her skills if you have her at a high NP. Dantes pretty much has you covered tho.

Whoa wait. Atalante and Valkyrie can loop without MLBscope and only Mystic Code? Can it be done at NP1 or need higher NP level?

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Exactly. That’s why I’m looking for different servant with unique gameplay that works well in DSS.
Anyway, I just found certain setup that allow Parvati/Saber Fran to constantly charm/stun lock when they loop NP.
My concern is I have both of them at NP1. I have non MLB Black Grail though, but do I need to invest more on their NP lvl? Especially Fran, since this summer rerun is the last chance to get her.

You can maybe pull it off when you have class advantage. Np refund is not the problem, damage is.

FYI, NP1 Atalante (post-NP interlude) deals 47K to 57K against saber hands, 24K to 28K to neutral hands in wave 1 and 2.
Her maximum output is around 120K to 150K in wave 3 against saber enemies with both her first skill and Skadi’s second skill maxed.
(The above calculation assumes you use nonMLBscope + Mage’s Association MC to charge up that initial NP)

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NP 1 is sufficient, but they may struggle with some of the beefy wave 2 enemies and may require face cards to finish wave 3.

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I mean, you can put literaly every DPS with doble of a single support and works well.
I mean i single targets you have servants like Ushi, Ridertoki, Malter, Caesar if you want, or even Okita

I’m looking something aside dmg exactly. For dmg I have Kinbro, and if I want more maybe I’m looking ST quick zerk that has more dmg or just Melty.

Well there’s only one ST Quick zerk and that’s Atalanta Alter

MHXA: *cough cough
I just hope DW release more ST quick zerk.
Well, there’s also Xiang Yu who is burst crit that almost in the same level as Super Orion, though limited for few turn. He is AoE, but stronger than ST quick out there. Idk, I hope DW give us more quick interesting Quick servant and not depend on looping only.

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But she is a Saber (i forget about her), i mean, a lot of good Quick servants don’t need to loop to be good unlike some servants (cough) Lancelot (cough)

If you don’t have Bride nero or MLB kscope, you do want Zerkerlot to have upgrade that make his looping potential more consistant.

…what are you talking about? I just say that Lancelot isn’t good when he isn’t been used for loops, i didn’t as for those things

ah my bad, I think I get too sleepy. Soory.

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I am just thinking, since I read that valk has problem in damage to consistently clear the waves. I have NP5 valk, will she be enough to loop with DSS comfortably? If so, I might need to actually start LB2 to farm her mats…

Also… Do I still need a Parvati if I have NP5 Valk to work with?

NP 5 Valk is perfect for the job, i haven’t hear that thing of lack of damage consistency about Valk, but you have her at NP 5 so she is perfect, go and end that LB

Thanks. I think even GP Valk profile page mentioned that her attack stat isnt that good even with lancer multiplier.

I guess I will raise Atalante as well in order to tackle the Saber enemies that Valk may have difficulties with so I dont need Zerkerlot. (I meant … I have him at NP2 but no waver or mlbscope)

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