Double Special Hero Banner

Well didn’t see anything on this so here goes.

Free summon and my first


I actually wanted Goatmom, but DuoHila on the free summon is quite nice as well


3* kaze :slightly_smiling_face:


Free summoned Shanna, got some nice spare s/d far trace for the future.


Pulled on the free circle for everything but blue, got a +atk -res Larcei out of it, is cool.


I pulled on the two red stones in my free circle and I got Mercedes!!! :feh_hridexcited: she was my most wanted hero that I didn’t have so this is the best thing that could’ve happened with the summon :fgo_medealove:

Now I have all the Blue Lions! It feels good :feh_hridexcited:


Wanted Freyja or Duo!Hilda but ended up with her after 22 summons



I really needed Lewyn to be a banner focus here… Damn Larcei.

4* Morgan and dipped right after.


Baby Kana on the free summon. She +5 now without ever pulling for her


A 3* Libra

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Wanted a shot at the hot goat goddess but naturally no colourless for the free summon. 3* Selena which would once have been good but I realised recently I actually have plenty Reposition fodder, something I oft thought impossible.

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Not expecting anything, so a free duo unit is a win.


I got a 4* :feh_nino:

Got nothing from the freebie and saving those orbs!


I’m not sure if I want to pull for Ogma, Mercedes, Hinoka, or Hilda.

Ogma is a pet project, and the most merged.

Mercedes is my favorite of the four, but needs the most investment.

Also, I have Hapi.

Hinoka's more situational, but the most useful.

Hilda is hands-down the strongest.


I got a 4 Star Raven. About as expected.


I generally don’t recommend pulling 4 Star Focuses on DSH because the 4 Star rate is split among all the four Star Focuses, making pulling for any single one cost approximately twice as many Orbs (or even three times since occasionally there are three 4 Star Focuses). Unless you have a lot of use for Juno’s fodder I would wait until Ogma’s normal banner.

Out of these I would pick Mercie because she’s a favorite of yours and, IMO, could use the help the most. Hilda is mostly support so she doesn’t benefit much from merges. Duo Hinoka is super strong at +0 or +10 and +10ing her is most useful for Arena purposes (and you’re probably not +10ing her here). In my mind, favorites always come first


But Lewyn is blue? Why are you blaming Larcei? (And even if he were green they wouldn’t have stuck him with a Duo because he’s 4 Star focus)

I mean…yeah, Mercie is my favorite of the group, I just love Mercie in general; but she requires a lot of investment that I, for the most part, do not have. I plan to give her Unity Blooms, A/R Unity, and A/R Menace. Of these, I only have the fodder for the Blooms; which means she’d be missing out on a huge chunk of her intended use while I can - and do - mostly use Hapi to fill the role while I try and get what I need to make Mercedes viable. That’s why she’s not my immediate priority, even though - as you say - she needs the most help. I just don’t have that help at this point in time.

Hilda’s also another case like the discussion about my Eldigan from the other day. She can heal, but she’s not strictly limited to it and offers the option of a powerful colorless mage when not doing so. Even the one I posted above gets +18 ATK/SPD by being solo. There is little that she can’t just shred, and she’s hands-down my strongest WrazzleDazzle unit. She could always use more oomph. Hinoka’s in more or less the same boat.

That’s my line of thinking while mulling it over in my head.

75 orbs pulling full circles and not a single 5-star…
But I did get a focus.

Then I went to a circle with one green, one colorless and three blues. Skipped blues and got Larcei.

Both with good IVs.
I really want to keep pulling on this banner for Shanna, Hilda and Freyja, but if I got unlucky with full circles on the first 20 summons, it’s going to be even worse with sniping :feh_notlikethis: