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I wasn’t even referring to healing; normally Hilda’s job is to sit around and give that +1 special charge per foe’s attack support to someone. She IS fully capable of being offensive (speaking as someone who regularly uses B-Camilla) but usually she’s a supporter first and attacker second. Also she is the Duo that benefits the least from merges because her staff status means she can never score as well as non staff Duos. Her Duo skill basically asks: “Do you want to shut down those annoying ass Arena dancers in exchange for a big scoring hit?”

And with A-Fjorm being so popular and being a big “fuck you” to Razzle Dazzle/Firesweep, I would not choose Hilda for any competitive reasons except, again, for the Isolation. Don’t get me wrong, Razzle Dazale is still very good, but in modes where merges matter the most (AKA PvP like Summoner Duels, Arena, and AR) it’s lost a little of its shine. Hence, I don’t think Hilda benefits as much from merges as the others you listed. Now if Hilda was a favorite character of yours, then I would say go hog wild regardless, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

I would pick Duo Hinoka for more competitive purposes and Mercedes for favoritism purposes. Whichever you value more is up to you.

Didn’t even get a colorless orb so no chance for Summer Goat. Got a 3* Fae. oh well.

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Didn’t get to screenshot it but got 2 full colorless circles

And grabbed 2 Shanna for either leonie or brave claude


Free summoned Hilda on my second account. +atk too, neat.

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23 orbs later, they’re no longer -Atk.


Not getting Freyja somehow bothered me so much, that I decided to go for the spark:

Now we’re talking! :feh_flaynyay:

Goatmom showed up during the 3rd circle, so I sparked for Larcei instead. Pent, Loki and Mercedes will probably end up as fodder