Double Yuri team still relevant?

Hello! Question on the title… looking at something like this (minus Claude, or else single Yuri and Claude on a separate team. We need more ARO slots! But I digress)

Thinking of Disarm traps, blazing winds on one with windsweep on the other (no L&D 4 fodder sadly but L&D 3 all day long. Or possibly even Fury 3/4).

But also can’t tell you how much I love Claude’s gravity trap and I see him doing things Yuri can’t.

Regardless, both Claude and Yuri are secondaries to my Lynja team since she has challenges these days, and since she is a one-turn kill them all team, whereas Claude and Yuri are hit and run. And it’s this hit and run strategy I need to work on.

Anyway forgive the rambling, but would love to hear what the experts and non experts think.


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Obviously I’ll only be using four of the above at a time, leaving two mythics. Hence two Yuri or one Yuri (or even someone else) with Claude.

Gravity with hit and run strats is a good mix and the team will work if you know what you’re doing. This is for Astra so I know Reginn fits in here well and is someone you should keep in note for Odd Pulse Tie soaking and melee nuking with canto as well. I’ve liked to keep a balance in my ranged and melee threats in these sorts of teams.

I haven’t seen anything that points towards double Yuri being unviable all of a sudden.

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I still use double Yuri’s a lot in Astra. Just forget about them in Light /rip.

Two Yuri’s with foul plays combined with Reginn offer a lot of range. They feast on maps that specialize in space denial. Sometimes they can be stopped by far saves but an AoE precharged Yuri can rip through regardless. The hardy fighter variant outside of A!Fjorm can be a little tricky but you can engage on turn one, which again synergizes well with foul plays. Though I would run a different H&R team (one with sweep effects) if I ever come across one.

L!Claude & Yuri is a fine combination, but if your plan requires the former to initiate the map, his path will be laden with traps. An alternative is to foul play Claude into position, which in turn requires another unit for his extraction. Whereas both Yuri’s are perfectly capable of killing and retreating by themselves.

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Thanks guys. @Z3K I also forgot about potential use of odd tie. That could come in handy. Tho I think for now since WoM would be a better fit for Rafael.

@NewNugget you use lethality or blazing? That’s my dilemma right now. I hoard Divine Codes and have enough for lethality and highly am considering it, but I also know blazing in a line can seriously damage enemies, even far safe non-targets. Thoughts?

Blazing. AoE will put most far saves into OHKO range during combat. It also makes it much easier to get rid of the 2nd target. Can’t really comment on the practicality of lethality since I never used. It’s the superior option when targets carry DR (dragon walls), but most of the dragon far saves I encountered runs hardy fighters.

Lethality is definitely the better choice for SD though.

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Makes sense. Makes me also wonder if lethality might be a good idea for Medeus. That guy literally changed the way I have to play, and I do not enjoy light season nearly as much as I used to.

The one thing I cannot do is mix up skills (i.e. give disarm trap and lethality to the same, or one and the other, depending on their respective roles)

But yeah, lethality will be nice for SD

what A skills do you use on them?

One runs LnD4 / atk3 the other runs LnD6.

Doesn’t really matter as long as their atk match so both can receive atk opening buffs.

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Nice, I didn’t think about Atk opening. Better than hone Atk 3 seal for +4 I guess. I was previously working on getting their attack to match anyway when I was looking at Loki before I had Rafael, but I’d like to avoid if I can since I’ll have merges coming down the line. That should do in a pinch however