Doublebuff Question

I checked out GP’s Noelle analysis and, in the pros, it said that Noelle’s Primed Defense can help Doublebuff units like Louise.

From what I understand, Doublebuff activates when the unit itself is buffed, not their allies.

Is that a slight mistake on GP’s part or is there something I’m missing?

The description of Primed Defense says that it applies a defense buff to the controlled adventurer if their S1 is ready every 15 seconds. So if someone is controlling a doublebuff adventurer such as Wedding Elisanne, Elisanne would get the defense buff once Sacred Union was ready (given Noelle has Primed Defense unlocked).

Doesn’t Primed Defense apply only to Noelle, though? That would mean the “DEF buff when S1’s ready” schtick only applies to her and not her allies.

It mentions the controlled adventurer and not Noelle herself. So it’s just whoever you’re using.

Increases the defense of the adventurer you are currently controlling by 8% for 10 seconds every time their initial skill, displayed at the top of their skill list, becomes available for use.

Your Noelle buffs the adventurer you’re controlling. It doesn’t affect other people in coop so she’ll usually just buff herself. But in solo play or raids, if you’re controlling e.g. Louise and have an AI Noelle on your team then your AI Noelle will buff Louise instead, and Louise’s doublebuff will activate.