[Doubts] Sizes and Buffs

Hey folks,

I have two questions about the game, could you help?

  1. The first one is referring to the size of the pokemons - are there differences in the battles? I have a Gyarados 100% XS, but I’m afraid to train him because he’s “too small”. The same goes for pokemons with good IVs for PVP. Does size influence anything or is it just silly information?

  2. I found few materials about. How does buff/debuff work in PVP? How to remove the effects? Switching pokemon removes the effect or only when it dies?

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Hello @davidsiscati

It is just for the appearance of Pokémon on trainers page, which we get by clicking our avatar icon.
It will not affect PvP or raids in any ways. I have many Pokémon which XL or XS, but that doesn’t matters when we play.

Debuff reduces our Pokémon’s Attack or defense by some stages, for example acid spray. It reduces our defense by 2 stages.
If we reverse the terminology, buff will increase our attributes by some stages, I.e drain punch.

All these effects are temporarily under effect during the battles.

They affect the viability and longevity of Pokémon in the battle. You can either force opponent to switch or you are forced to switch.
Switching out Pokémon removes them.

If you had used Ostruct continuously, Obstagoon’s defense increases to that level that it can survive some of the dangerous attacks. But this happens only during that battle. If you will switch it out, then it will get reset to normal.

It is all about the momentum which you generate or momentum which you shift from opponent.


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@GenesisSupernova has answered it all, but there’s one exception (that I know of) in that Pumpkaboo-Gourgheist does have different stats for size.


Yes, sorry I had completely forgotten about both of them.

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Thank you! I understood perfectly. :grinning:

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Well there are two more exceptions (not really affecting the gameplay but)

Small Rattata en Big Magikarp for their medals…

If I have a buff/debuff on my pokemon and the other player switches do I keep the buffs?

Or alternatively, if the other player has a buff and I swap will it keep the buff?

Yes, stays buffed until defeated or switched.