Download Stuck, please help

It always get stuck there. When I restart the app, it goes all the way to 99.99% the come back at 95.01%. It’s on PC btw, I’m using LDPlayer.
And on mobile it doesn’t even get there, it get stuck then I relaunch the app and the download restart automatically too.
My connexion is not really great, but it’s not that bad either in my opinion. My download speed outside of GFL can reach 3mb.

I already tried to clear cache multiple time, reinstall multiple time, I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to finish the Gunslinger collab, I only got Angelica at the moment. If someone could upload their “Data” and “Obb” folder that would be very helpfull thank you.

Some people said setting their DNS Server to (Blokada can do this for you) solves the problem.

If that does not fix the problem for you, here’s the manual patch for the 2020 Oct. 20 Maint courtesy of Amanie#7511:


For those still having trouble with stuck progress at 99.98% no matter how many restarts, this is a Manual Patch for today’s update. Note that this is for people under Android who haven’t Clear Cached yet , but I received some report that this still worked even after Clear Cache.

Files contain only the changed and updated files for this update.
Extract to/Replace files in Android\data\com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en\files\Android\New\ . Filetype: RAR5 Recovery Record: Yes, in case your download derps the file midway. Disclaimer: No warranty, and provided as is; This was for personal use and it worked for me, but your mileage may vary. Do it at one’s own risk. Worst case possible, you’d still have to Clear Cache/Uninstall anyway.

Let me know if it worked or something.
From observation, it may depend entirely on the client if it decides to recognize the files & fix itself, or not. In this case, this Manual Patch just skips the trouble of getting a corrupted file and/or the occurrence of “Insufficient Memory” during download. You may have to try restarting the app several times if it keeps on hanging.

Thank you for your help, it worked. But it loaded an older version, so I need to download an aditional 400MB. Then I have a new issue.

P.S: I already tried to clear cache and reinstall multiple times, and replaced the files in Android\data\com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en\files\Android\New\ too. But I always end in this situation.

And once again I’m out of solutions, if you could help me again please, thank you.

I think just restarting the game without clearing cache should resolve “Insufficient Memory” or at least get you some progress?

If not, you can try to selectively delete only the bugged files in Android\data\com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en\files\Android\New\ (this is usually a single file that gets bugged to multiple GB).

Sometimes restarting your phone could also do the trick.

Yes I got some progress until 100%, but then it get stuck and I always get “Unsufficient memory, unable to install” no matter how many time I restart, and the game can’t start.

I tried to delete all the .dat and .temp files in Android\data\com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en\files\Android\New\ folder, didn’t work

Replacing the files in Android\data\com.sunborn.girlsfrontline.en\files\Android\New\ folder worked, but it loaded the schoolgirl event update. So I think if have the files for the last update instead it could work, just a thought that I had.

I already sent a message to GLF en’s twitter, thank you for your help. I tried on discord no one cared, so I really appreciate your help, thank you for answering. :slightly_smiling_face:

Depending on when you last updated the game you may have to re-apply multiple patches in order.

This folder has all the patches from 09-22 onward:

Try to extract all of them into their own folders then copy the contents over one patch at a time, starting with the earliest date: so 09-22 -> 09-23 -> 09-29 -> 10-13 -> 10-20. Once you copied all five patches of contents over, start the game. Hopefully this’ll work.

It goes well until 40 or 50%, the “insufficient memory, unable to install”. I already tried to clear cache and replace files 5 times, it always gets stuck around 30%, then I restart the game the download goes back to 3%.

GFL EN told me to try and use a VPN, I don’t use a VPN and I’m not really hyped by the idea to pay for it just to have a download failed anyway. So I search for a free VPN, and surprise, didn’t work. Maybe my internet connexion was the problem after all idk, whatever.

Well, I’m getting tired of this. I’m sorry for the Gunslinger Girls Collab but I’ll not be able to experience it, despite the fact that I read the manga especially for this. That sucks. Each time I’ll see a GFL related post/art/meme I’ll feel really bad but, can’t do nothing about it.

I really appreciated your help @Cleista, thank you.

I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you. At the very least, people did record the story for this event, so you can still experience that part of the collab at least.

You can also check out this pretty interesting Twitter thread by GFLCorner that breaks down all the references once you’re done.

(While you’re watching it, mind humoring me and try to install GFL on MuMu instead? It’s about the only thing aside from your connection (or DNS server) that we haven’t tried to change. If you haven’t tried to change DNS server yet, I highly recommend setting it to since I know that can resolve all the CDNs correctly)

Following your suggestion, I tried to install it on MuMu. It worked perfectly, not even one “insufficient memory, unable to install”.

Also about changing the DNS server, I already read the thread “issues about downloading the game”, and tried your solutions. But then it didn’t work, that’s when I decided to post.

Anyway, thank you. I can’t believe it worked :sweat_smile:
Thank you for your patience.