DPS/TDO for type revised and checked

DPS/TDO for PVE revised.

the closer to the left the name is the better
if legacy movesets are the best movesets then they are included
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Dps Volcarona Genesect Pinsir Scizor Yanmega
Tdo Volcarona Genesect Yanmega Scizor Escavalier


Dps Darkrai Zoroark Weavile Hydreigon Honchkrow
Tdo Tyranitar Hydreigon Darkrai Muk A Krookodile


Dps Kyurem B Rayquaza Kyurem W Salamence Palkia
Tdo Kyurem B Kyurem W Garchomp Zekrom Dialga


Dps Zekrom Electivire Raikou Thundurus T Zapdos
Tdo Zekrom Raikou Zapdos Magnezone Electivire

Fairy only 2 you need ever for fairy

Dps Gardevoir Togekiss
Tdo Togekiss Gardevoir


Dps Conkeldurr Breloom Machamp Blaziken Hariyama
Tdo Conkeldurr Meloetta P Keldeo Machamp Hariyama


Dps Moltres Reshiram Blaziken Chandelure Darmanitan
Tdo Reshiram Entei Ho-oh Heatran Moltres


Dps Moltres Honchkrow Rayquaza Unfezant Tornadus I
Tdo Moltres Ho-oh Rayquaza Togekiss Tornadus T


Dps Gengar Chandelure Haunter Giratina O Banette
Tdo Giratina O Giratina A Chandelure Jellicent Gengar


Dps Shaymin S Roserade Sceptile Breloom Venusaur
Tdo Shaymin S Shaymin L Torterra Tangrowth Venusaur


Dps Landorus T Landorus I Excadrill Groudon Garchomp
Tdo Groudon Landorus T Garchomp Rhyperior Landorus I


Dps Mamoswine Kyurem B Weavile Kyurem W Glaceon
Tdo Kyurem B Kyurem W Regice Mamoswine Articuno

Normal DONT USE unless gym or meloetta a&p

Dps Meloetta P Meloetta A Ambipom Cinccino Raticate
Tdo Meloetta A Blissey Meloetta P Slaking Miltank


Roserade only some others are good but fulfill another role much better


Dps Mewtwo Azelf Alakazam Espeon Gallade &

Tdo Lugia Mewtwo Meloetta A Mewtwo A Cresselia


Dps Rampardos Terrakion Archeops Tyranitar Golem A
Tdo Tyranitar Rhyperior Terrakion Regirock Gigalith


Dps Metagross Dialga Genesect Excadrill Jirachi
Tdo Metagross Dialga Jirachi Heatran Cobalion


Dps Kingler Kyogre Crawdaunt Swampert Feraligatr
Tdo Kyogre Swampert Gyarados Feraligatr Milotic

Maybe in neutral situations (which you’ll never use most of these in) but when Dragon is optimal, Dialga wins thanks to its exclusive neutrality to Dragon, while everything else is weak to it

Same idea here. Magnezone can have higher TDO leveraging one of its twelve resistances, like against Blizzard Kyogre

Machamp and Hariyama > Keldeo by a very, very long shot. Without number crunching, I would surmise that they’re both better than Meloetta too

Nope, not quite. Reshiram beats Moltres by a sizable margin

Following your “you only need two fairies, so I’ll just list them here” argument, Giratina-A isn’t worth mentioning. Very low Attack stat, while only having the pathetic Shadow Sneak for a Ghost charged move.

Against Electric movesets, Garchomp rules in TDO

Mamo’s DPS advantage on Regice is so massive, that it will frequently do more TDO than it the majority of the time.

Where’s Porygon-Z? Mew? Hyper Beam Mewtwo? I’m nitpicking at this point, I know.

Gengar can grab a second charged move of Sludge Bomb and do well. There’s also Toxicroak.

Gardevoir > Gallade, even though you don’t really see Psychic variants much these days due to the addition of Charm.

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