DPS/TDO spreadsheet has become slow to load -> suggestion

The number of released pokémon has made the Gamepress’ DPS/TDO spreadsheet slow to load due to many calculations. In addition, it refreshes automatically at each modification, which makes it annoying when we want something detailed:

  1. Wait initial load
  2. select enemy pokémon
  3. wait loading time
  4. select fast move
  5. wait loading time
  6. select charge move
  7. wait loading time
  8. select weather
  9. wait loading time
  10. filter results

That’s five times waiting for several seconds. This was okay at the beginning when there were not so many pokémon, but this is really annoying now. There is already a refresh button. Would it be possible to not refresh the results avery time a single parameter is changed, but only with a hit on the “refresh” button?

Other suggestions, while I’m at it:

  • Add the possibility to clear the selected move, to go from a specific moveset to average results on all movesets.
  • Remove unreleased pokémon from the results, possibly with a checkbox.

Thanks for reading this.